Sublimation printing on sports shirts


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 02 February 2024

L'sublimation printing has revolutionised the design of sports shirts, offering unrivalled creative freedom and print quality. Distinguished by its ability to produce vibrant colours and precise details, this technique has become the preferred method for personalising sports equipment.

  • Innovative Technology : Sublimation printing transfers intricate patterns and vibrant colours directly into the fabric, ensuring that designs don't fade, crack or peel over time.
  • Advanced Customisation : This method opens up infinite possibilities for personalisation, allowing teams and athletes to reflect their unique identity through their shirts.
  • Superior quality : Sublimated sportswear stands out for its comfort and durability, making it perfectly suited to the demands of intensive sporting activities.

The adoption of sublimation printing at SubliSport underlines our commitment to providing high quality sportswear, designed to meet and exceed the expectations of modern athletes.

What is dye sublimation printing?

Dye sublimation printing is an innovative technique based on an innovative heat transfer process to merge special inks directly into the fibers of the fabric, offering a more effective high-quality printing durable and resistant. This method differs from other textile printing techniques in several key respects:

  • Sublimation Technology : The inks used go from a solid to a gaseous state without passing through the liquid state, permanently integrating the colours and designs in the technical fabricsoften from polyester. This integration ensures exceptional resistance to washing and wear, preserving the bright, long-lasting colours over time.
  • Advanced Customisation : Sublimation enables personalised shirts extremely precise, making it possible to custom designs with no limits on colour or complexity, ideal for personalised sports shirts.
  • Comparison with other techniques : Unlike screen printing or traditional transfer printing, sublimation ensures that designs do not crack, fray or fade, making it a preferred solution for sports facilities where the athletic performance and aesthetics must go hand in hand.
  • Sustainability and ecology : Dye-sublimation prints are renowned for their high quality. sustainability and the environmentally-friendly printing processThe process minimises waste and water use compared with traditional methods.

Sublimation is therefore a textile innovation for the sports fashionparticularly suitable for sublimated football shirtsthe fitness clothingand everything sublimation equipment requiring superior image quality, extensive customisation, and durability that stands up to the test of athletic performance.

Advantages of Sublimation on Sportswear

The adoption of the sublimation technology for sports jerseys from SubliSport brings a series of significant advantages that revolutionise both the aesthetics and the athletic performance sports facilities :

  • Exceptional durability : The high-quality printing obtained by sublimation penetrate deep into the fabric, guaranteeing a perfect print durability remarkable. The designs won't fade, crack or peel, even after multiple washes, ensuring a long-lasting, long-lasting finish. resistance to washing superior.
  • Vibrant, long-lasting colours: Sublimation makes it possible to capture bright, long-lasting colours that remain bright and saturated over time. This is particularly beneficial for personalised sports shirtsThis is where the expression of the team's identity through specific colours is essential.
  • Advanced Customisation : With sublimation, every jersey can be transformed into a canvas for tailor-made design. Whether for sublimated football shirts or equipment for other disciplines, there are no limits to customisation, offering teams the opportunity to incorporate logos, numbers and complex graphics without compromising quality or comfort.
  • Comfort and Performance : The technical fabrics used in sublimation, often polyesterare chosen for their ability to improve athletic performance. Lightweight, breathable and moisture-wicking, they contribute to the comfort and efficiency of athletes on the field.
  • Reduced Ecological Impact : Le environmentally-friendly printing process sublimation process, with minimal water consumption and waste, reflects SubliSport's commitment to the environment.textile innovation responsible and sustainable.
  • Adaptability to technical fabrics : Sublimation is particularly well suited to sublimation on polyester and other synthetic fabrics, making it an ideal technique for sportswear, where these materials are often favoured for their functional properties.

The combination of these advantages makes sublimation the technique of choice for teams and athletes looking for jerseys that combine aesthetics, personalisation, durability and performance. At SubliSport, we're proud to push the boundaries of sublimation.sublimation printing to offer our customers products that stand out for both their quality and their innovation.

The Dye Sublimation Printing Process

Dye sublimation printing on sports shirts is a meticulous process that transforms a tailor-made design into a vibrant and durable finished product. Here's a step-by-step description of the process, highlighting the importance of picture quality and the choice of substrates for sublimation suitable :

  • Design concept : It all starts with the creation of a personalised design, which can include team logos, unique patterns and specific colours. This tailor-made design is then digitised and prepared for printing, taking care to maintain a consistent picture quality optimal for sublimation.
  • Ink and Paper Preparation : From special inks sublimation inks are used to print the design on a transfer paper. These inks are designed to change from a solid to a gas under the effect of heat, without passing through the liquid state.
  • Choice of fabric : The technical fabricsmainly the polyesterare the most suitable for sublimation printing. Their composition ensures optimum absorption of gaseous inks, guaranteeing excellent results. bright, long-lasting colours as well as a resistance to washing.
  • Heat Transfer Process : The printed transfer paper is then placed on top of the fabric, and the two are inserted into a heat press for sublimation. Under the effect of heat and pressure, the inks sublimate and penetrate deep into the fabric fibres.
  • Final result: Once the transfer process is complete, the paper is removed to reveal a vibrant design permanently embedded in the fabric. The result is a personalised sports shirt with a high-quality print that won't fade, crack or peel.

This environmentally-friendly printing process minimises the use of water and waste, in line with the principles of sustainable development.textile innovation sustainable. At SubliSport, we master every stage of this process to ensure that your sublimated sports shirts not only meet your aesthetic expectations but also the requirements of athletic performance.

Sports applications

Sublimation printing has established itself as the technology of choice for a multitude of sporting disciplines, thanks to its high quality printing, its personalisation push and its sustainability exceptional. Here are a few examples to illustrate the versatility of this technique:

  • Football : The sublimated football shirts offer unrivalled design freedom, allowing complex patterns, team logos and player numbers to be incorporated with precision and vibrant colour.
  • Running and Trail : Technical clothing for running and trail running benefits from the lightness and breathability of technical fabrics used in sublimation, while featuring dynamic designs that resist wear and fading.
  • Cycling and Enduro MTB : Cycling and MTB enduro outfits take advantage of sublimation to showcase bold graphics and team information, while maintaining a low profile. athletic performance optimal.
  • Fitness and Yoga : Sublimation can be used to create stylish, comfortable fitness and yoga garments that retain their lustre and shape even after many training sessions.
  • Rugby, Padeland E-sport : Whether on the pitch, the court or behind the screen, teams can fully customise their outfits, reflecting their spirit and unity through sublimation.
  • Basket : Basketball shirts and shorts benefit from sublimation to proudly display team colours and sponsors, without compromising player comfort and mobility.

Sustainability and eco-responsibility

L'commitment sustainability and eco-responsibility is at the heart of current concerns in the textile industry, and sublimation printing on sports shirts embodies this trend perfectly. Not only does this process offer high-quality printing but also contributes to more sustainable production practices:

  • Eco-friendly printing process : Unlike other printing methods, which can use large quantities of water and chemicals, sublimation is a process that can be carried out in a very short time. environmentally-friendly printing process which minimises environmental impact. The ink transforms directly from solid to gas, reducing resource consumption.
  • Print durability : Sublimation ensures exceptional print durabilitywith bright, long-lasting colours that resist washing and wear. This longevity reduces the need for frequent garment replacement, contributing to more conscious consumption and less waste.
  • Use of technical fabrics : Often carried out on polyestera material favoured for personalised sports shirts because of its performance properties, sublimation is in line with thetextile innovation to use recycled or recyclable fibres, reinforcing the eco-responsible aspect of production.
  • Personalisation without waste : The capacity of sublimation to produce custom designs This on-demand approach limits overproduction, a recurring problem in the fashion industry. This made-to-order approach ensures that only the garments needed are produced, reducing material wastage.
  • Sublimation equipment and suppliers : At SubliSport, we strive to work with the best partners. suppliers of fabrics for sublimation and manufacturers ofsublimation equipment who share our commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that the entire production chain meets high standards of ethics and environmental responsibility.

The adoption of sublimation in the design of sports shirts is therefore a step in the right direction. sustainability andeco-responsibilitydemonstrating that athletic performance and respect for the environment can go hand in hand in the world of modern sport.

Conclusion: The Vision, Mission and Benefits of SubliSport

At SubliSport, our vision is to innovate in the field of sports equipment by offering solutions that combine high quality, advanced customisation and ecological commitment. Our mission is to provide teams and athletes with sports jerseys that not only improve performance, but also help to prevent injuries. athletic performance but also reflect their unique identity while respecting the environment.

Advantages of Sublimation Printing at SubliSport :

  • Unrivalled quality : Our sublimated sports shirts are distinguished by their high-quality printingoffering bright, long-lasting colours that stand up to the test of time and intense wear and tear.
  • Customisation Without Limits : Thanks to the sublimation technologywe are able to create custom designs that precisely meet the needs and expectations of our customers, suppliers and suppliers. sublimated football shirts to the fitness and running.
  • Durability : The technical fabrics used for sublimation, mainly polyester, are chosen for their durability and ability to support optimum performance, while being adapted to environmentally-friendly production practices.
  • Eco-responsibility : We are adopting a environmentally-friendly printing process which reduces the environmental impact of our production, in line with our commitment to sustainable development. sustainability and social responsibility.

We strongly encourage teams and individuals to adopt sublimation printing for their sports shirts. By choosing SubliSport, you are opting for a technology that not only guarantees textile innovation and a exceptional picture quality but you're also taking a more responsible and sustainable approach.

Join us in our mission to push back the boundaries of sports equipment while preserving our planet for future generations. With SubliSport, turn your vision into reality, and wear your colours with pride and responsibility.

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