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Written by Julie Kerry
Le 02 March 2024

With the growing popularity of cycling, enthusiasts are constantly looking for ways to stand out and show their individuality. Cycling jersey customisation is an interesting option to consider for those who want to be part of this trend. In this article, we'll explain why customise your cycling jersey can be beneficial and how to go about achieving optimum results.

The advantages of personalising cycling jerseys

First of all, it is essential to understand why personalising cycling jerseys is gaining in popularity. Here are some of the main advantages :

  • Individuality : Having a personalised cycling jersey allows you to stand out from the crowd and show off your own style.
  • Group membership : Personalised shirts can also reinforce the sense of belonging to a club or team by displaying the same colours and logos.
  • Motivation : Wearing a special jersey can motivate cyclists to push themselves to the limit and give their best during their cycling outings.
  • Souvenir : Personalising a jersey with special editions can be a great way to commemorate an important event or race.

Elements to personalise on a cycling jersey

There are several elements that you can customise on a cycling jersey to create a unique design. Here are the main possibilities:

Colours and patterns

The choice of colours and patterns is essential when designing a personalised cycling jersey. You can opt for bright, bold colours, or keep it simple with more neutral shades. Patterns can also vary, from stripes to polka dots to splashes.

Think about the contrast between the different parts of the jersey to make it easier to read the texts or logos that will be printed on it.

Texts, names and numbers

The addition of texts, names and numbers on a cycling jersey asserts your identity and shows that you belong to a team or group. Make sure you choose a font that's easy to read and a size that's appropriate for good visibility.

Don't hesitate to add catchy slogans or inspirational quotes to give your jersey even more personality.

Logos and sponsorships

The presence of logos and sponsors on a cycling jersey can also help to personalise its design. It could simply be the logo of the jersey's manufacturer, that of a brand you like, or the partners who support your team or club.

What materials and methods are used for personalising cycling jerseys?

There are many ways to personalise a cycling jersey:

White base shirts

Some manufacturers offer blank shirts to personaliseThese models are specially designed to be personalised without altering their technical properties (breathability, breathability, etc.). These models are specially designed to be customised without altering their technical properties (breathability, ventilation, etc.). You are free to choose the colours, patterns, texts and logos to apply to these shirts.

Online customisation services

Many companies now offer online cycling jersey customisation services. Simply visit their website and use their tools to design your ideal shirt. These platforms offer a wide variety of design choices, with options for colours, patterns, typography, images and logos to incorporate into your jersey.

Printing and flocking techniques

  1. High print quality Dye-sublimation: Dye-sublimation produces high-quality prints with sharp detail and vivid colours, guaranteeing an attractive visual effect on the print surface. cycling jerseys.
  2. Durability Sublimated inks penetrate deep into the fabric fibres, making them resistant to repeated washing and wear, ensuring a long life for personalised shirts.
  3. Complete customisation : Sublimation allows jerseys to be fully personalised, with the possibility of creating unique designs and incorporating logos, motifs and customised text to meet the specific needs of cyclists or teams.
  4. Breathability The sublimated inks do not create any extra thickness on the fabric, which guarantees optimum breathability for cycling jerseys, allowing perspiration to evacuate efficiently during exercise.

Disadvantages :

  1. Fabric limitations : Sublimation works best on polyester-based synthetic fabrics, which sometimes limits the choice of materials for cycling jerseys, particularly for those who prefer natural or blended fabrics.


Professional results

To make sure your personalised shirt looks as if it has been created by design experts, follow these few tips:

  • Focus on quality: By opting for a top-of-the-range cycling jersey and the right printing techniques, you can guarantee better visuals and greater durability.
  • Don't overload the design: Don't forget that legibility is paramount when it comes to sports shirts. So avoid multiplying the number of personalisation elements or creating designs that are too complex, as this will make them hard to read.
  • Get your design approved: Finally, don't hesitate to ask the people around you for their opinion before having your personalised jersey printed, to get valuable advice and any suggestions for improvement.

In short, personalised cycling jerseys offer a multitude of options for those who want to show off their unique style while taking advantage of the performance offered by these technical garments. By taking into account the different possibilities in terms of design, colours, texts and logos, as well as the printing and flocking techniques available, all cyclists can now design a jersey that fully represents them.

Cycling jersey customisation with SubliSport : 

The customisation of cycling jerseys with SubliSport offers a host of advantages for create a unique style and distinctive:

  • Exceptional print quality : Thanks to sublimation technology With the latest technology, the patterns, logos and designs on the jerseys are reproduced with remarkable clarity and precision, giving them a professional and attractive appearance.
  • Increased durability Sublimated inks penetrate deep into the fabric fibres, ensuring exceptional resistance to repeated washing and wear and tear from outdoor conditions, guaranteeing a long life for personalised shirts.
  • Total design freedom With SubliSport, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. Unique designs, team logos, player names and custom motifs can be incorporated without restriction, allowing cyclists to create their own visual identity.
  • Respect for the environment SubliSport: SubliSport is committed to using environmentally-friendly production processes and sustainable materials, ensuring that the personalisation of cycling jerseys is carried out in accordance with environmental ethics.
  • Comfort and breathability The sublimated inks do not create any extra thickness on the fabric, preserving the natural breathability of the material. This guarantees optimum comfort for cyclists, even during the most intense efforts.

With SubliSport, every cyclist can express their style and personality on their jersey, while benefiting from exceptional quality, durability and comfort.

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