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1% for the planet

1% FOR THE PLANET Our contribution

At SUBLISPORT, we have chosen to donate 1% of our sales to the international 1% for the Planet collective, which works to preserve and restore the environment.

The 1% for the Planet model

This large-scale collective was set up in 2002 with the aim of connecting sponsors and companies wishing to make a financial commitment with associations in the field. and companies wishing to make a financial commitment, with grassroots associations whose actions protect our planet on a daily basis.

1% for the Planet's model is simple: we need to do what we can to alleviate the environmental problems we face. environmental problems we face, and this commitment must be made collectively to must be done collectively to have a greater impact.

Working together

Yet today, "only 7% of the sums dedicated to philanthropy go to environmental causes". Despite the urgency of the situation, it is often difficult for the majority of companies and philanthropists to choose a particular environmental charity, and to support it financially while at the same time having visibility of its work in the field and its strategy.

A commitment to transparency

That's why 1% for the Planet enables philanthropists from all over the world to make a commitment to the Planet, by making it easier for them to make donations and by ensuring trust and transparency.

The collective carefully selects the charities to receive donations.

Support +500 associations

These not-for-profit associations, approved by the collective, now number more than 500 in France.

The donations they receive enable them to increase the impact of their actions, by giving them more financial resources and therefore more room to manoeuvre to work effectively in the field.