Personalising sports T-shirts: 5 mistakes to avoid


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 16 February 2024

Personalised sports T-shirts have become a must-have item for teams, clubs and individual athletes looking to stand out and reinforce their identity. Whether it's to unite a team, promote a brand or simply express your creativity, a personalised sports T-shirt can have a huge impact.

However, the customisation process is fraught with pitfalls and it's easy to make mistakes that can compromise the final result. The aim of this article is to shed some light on the 5 common mistakes to avoid when personalising your sports T-shirts, to ensure that your creations are not only aesthetically pleasing and unique, but also functional and durable. Follow these tips for successful personalisation that will meet all your expectations.

Mistake No. 1: Compromising fabric quality for personalisation

When it comes to personalising sports T-shirts, the choice of fabric should never be taken lightly. High-quality fabric is essential not only for comfort and performance, but also for the durability of the product and the print quality of the design.

Importance of fabric quality :

  • Comfort and Performance : Materials such as technical polyester, renowned for its ability to wick away moisture, or poly-cotton blends, which offer both comfort and durability, are preferred to meet athletes' requirements.
  • Print quality : The selection of colours, the design and graphics, and even the size and cut of the T-shirt can all be affected by the quality of the fabric. A good fabric will ensure that printing techniques, whether dye sublimation, screen printing, heat transfer, DTG or iron-on vinyl, result in sharp, durable images.

Fabric Selection Tips :

  • Durability : Look for fabrics that stand up well to washing and care without losing their shape or colour. This is crucial for sportswear, which is often subjected to harsh conditions and frequent washing.
  • Ecology : Opt for ecologically produced fabrics. Eco-friendly printing on sustainable fabrics not only protects the environment but also ensures a better user experience.
  • Compliance with Standards : Make sure that the fabrics comply with sporting standards to ensure the safety and comfort of athletes.

At SubliSport, we are committed to using only the best fabrics for sublimation, ensuring that each personalised sports shirt is not only aesthetically pleasing but also performs and lasts. We understand the importance of fabric quality in the personalisation process and ensure that each material we select meets the highest standards in terms of comfort, durability and printing efficiency.

To guarantee this promise, we maintain total transparency with our customers regarding our supply chain and our suppliers. To find out more about our commitment to quality and supplier transparency, we invite you to read our dedicated article : Sublimation fabric: Transparency in the choice of our suppliers.

Mistake No. 2: Inadequate design for customisation

The success of personalising a sports t-shirt depends largely on the design concept. A poorly adapted design can compromise not only the aesthetics of the garment but also its functionality. Here are some tips for creating designs that are both impactful and appropriate:

The importance of well thought-out design :

  • Consistency with the Team Identity : The design must reflect the team's spirit and values. It is essential to choose logos, colours and graphics that embody this identity while remaining functional on the pitch.
  • Adaptability to printing techniques : Some complex designs may not be suitable for all printing techniques, such as textile sublimation or screen printing. It is crucial to design with the limitations and possibilities offered by each method in mind.

Tips for Creating Impactful Designs :

  • Simplicity and clarity: A simple but striking design is often more effective. Avoid superfluous elements that could make the T-shirt cluttered or difficult to read.
  • Colour selection : Choose colours that complement each other well and stay true even after several washes. Product durability and compliance with sporting standards must be taken into account when choosing colours.
  • Sizes and cuts : Make sure that the design adapts well to different T-shirt sizes and cuts to ensure an optimal user experience.
  • Use of graphic design software : Use professional tools to create precise, detailed design mock-ups, allowing clear visualisation before production.

At SubliSport, we don't just supply you with customised sports T-shirts; we also provide you with a range of other services, including bespoke design servicewith over 12 years' expertise in sublimation. Our team of professional designers is here to help you create high-impact, functional designs tailored to your specific needs and brand identity. With SubliSport, you benefit from comprehensive support and unrivalled expertise to turn your ideas into tangible, high-performance reality.

Mistake no. 3: Neglecting the right printing technique for personalisation

The choice of printing technique is decisive in the process of personalising sports T-shirts. Each method has its own specific features, advantages and limitations, directly influencing the quality, appearance and durability of the final design. Here's how to choose the right printing technique for your needs:

Overview of Printing Techniques :

  • Sublimation on Textile : Ideal for complex, colourful designs, sublimation guarantees high print quality and excellent durability. It is particularly well suited to synthetic fabrics such as polyester.
  • Screen printing on T-Shirt : This traditional technique is renowned for its robustness and cost-effectiveness for large quantities, although it is less flexible for multicoloured or highly detailed designs.
  • Sublimation and DTG : These methods allow a high level of detail and a wide range of colours. They are suitable for small to medium-sized orders.
  • Iron-on Vinyl and Flocking : Perfect for simple texts or logos, these processes offer good resistance and are economical for individual personalisation or small batches.

Selection of Printing Technique :

  • Suitability for the design : Make sure that the method you choose can faithfully reproduce your design, taking into account its complexity and colours.
  • Budget consideration : The cost varies significantly from one technique to another. Weigh your options against your budget and production volume.
  • Durability and maintenance : Some techniques are more resistant to washing and wear. Think about the longevity of your personalised t-shirts.
  • Compliance with sporting standards : Check that the printing technique complies with the standards required for sportswear, particularly in terms of comfort and safety.

Mistake no. 4: Wrong choice of colours for personalisation

Colour selection plays a crucial role in personalising sports T-shirts. The wrong choice can not only alter the desired aesthetic but also affect the legibility and impact of the design. Here are some tips to ensure a faithful and lasting colour match:

Importance of Colour Selection :

  • Consistency with the Brand or Team Identity : The colours must faithfully reflect the official colours and contribute to the visual unity of the team or brand.
  • Contrast and Visibility : Make sure that the colours you choose provide sufficient contrast between the background and the graphic elements to enhance legibility.

Tips for accurate colour matching :

  • Use of Standardised Colour References : Use universal colour systems such as Pantone to accurately communicate your colour choices to printers and avoid variations.
  • Taking account of the fabric : Some fabrics, particularly technical fabrics used for sports T-shirts, can affect the appearance of colours after printing. Carry out tests beforehand to assess the final result.
  • Consider the Printing Technique : Different printing techniques can affect the vividness and durability of colours. Talk to your service provider to choose the method best suited to your needs.
  • Testing before mass production: Before launching large-scale production, carry out print tests to ensure that the colours match your expectations.
  • Clothing care : Provide clear instructions for washing and caring for T-shirts to preserve quality and colourfastness over the long term.

By avoiding the wrong choice of colours, you can ensure that your personalised sports T-shirts not only look good and make a visual impact, but also last.

Mistake no. 5: Ignoring comfort and functionality when customising

When customising sports T-shirts, the mistake of focusing solely on aesthetics to the detriment of comfort and functionality can compromise the effectiveness and acceptance of the garments by athletes. Here's how to maintain a judicious balance between design and functionality:

Balance between design and function:

  • Design integration : Make sure that the design, logos and branding complement the form and function of the T-shirt without hindering the athlete's performance or comfort.
  • Rigorous selection of materials : Choose fabrics that combine aesthetics and performance. Materials should be breathable, comfortable and suited to the sporting activity in question, guaranteeing an optimal user experience without compromising style.

Comfort Prioritisation :

  • Attention to details: Design elements such as seams, logo placement and finishes must be designed to avoid irritation or discomfort during physical activity.
  • Adaptability to movement: Cuts and sizes should be designed to offer maximum freedom of movement, allowing athletes to concentrate on their performance without being distracted by an inappropriate fit.

By avoiding sacrificing comfort and functionality for aesthetics, you ensure that your personalised sports T-shirts effectively serve the needs of athletes while proudly reflecting their identity.

SubliSport: your partner for personalised sports T-shirts

At SubliSport, we've positioned ourselves as your essential ally in the world of sports T-shirt personalisation. Drawing on our expertise and passion for sport, we understand the challenges and expectations involved in creating personalised sports equipment that stands out from the crowd.

Why choose SubliSport?

  • In-depth expertise : Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge of the most advanced customisation techniques, guaranteeing results that meet and exceed your expectations in terms of quality and design.
  • Superior quality : We use only the highest quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the durability, comfort and performance of each customised T-shirt, perfectly tailored to the requirements of the athlete.
  • Extended Customisation Services : Our range of services covers all aspects of personalisation, from the choice of fabric and printing technique to graphic design and colour selection, prototyping and mass production.
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: At SubliSport, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our approach. We work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that the finished product perfectly matches your vision and needs.

A partner you can trust

SubliSport is committed to providing a seamless and hassle-free personalisation experience, guiding you from the initial idea through to final delivery. Our aim is to provide you with personalised sports T-shirts that enhance your identity.

Conclusion: The key to successful personalisation

Personalising sports T-shirts is a fantastic opportunity to assert your team's identity and boost athletes' morale. However, the road to perfect personalisation is strewn with pitfalls. To recap, here are the essential mistakes to avoid:

  • Compromise fabric quality for personalisation.
  • Opting for an inappropriate design that does not take functionality into account.
  • Neglecting to select the right printing technique.
  • Making the wrong choice of colours, which could affect aesthetics and visibility.
  • Ignoring the balance between comfort, functionality and aesthetic design.

To successfully navigate the complex personalisation process and avoid these pitfalls, partnering with experts is crucial. Our commitment to quality, our in-depth expertise in advanced customisation techniques, and our dedication to customer satisfaction make us the ideal partner to turn your visions into tangible, high-performance realities.

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