Sublimation fabric: Transparency in the choice of our suppliers


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 14 February 2024

The quality of sportswear is essential for athletes and clubs. The technique of digital printing by sublimation on fabric allows you to achieve highly satisfactory results in terms of design, resistance to repeated washing and comfort for sportspeople. But before moving on to this stage, it's essential to choose the right fabric to ensure optimum sublimation.

Criteria to be taken into account

To guarantee successful sublimation, there are a number of criteria to take into account when choosing your sublimation material. fabricto create the perfect sports outfit:

  • Fabric composition: a fabric with a high percentage of polyester is preferable for excellent sublimation.
  • The weight of the fabric: too light a weight will affect the quality of the print and make the result less resistant;
  • Print colour: this should also be considered, as colours that are too light can lead to problems of uniformity, whereas darker shades will give a better result.

Eco-responsibility and Recycled Polyester Fabrics for Sublimation


Eco-responsibility is a major concern in the textile industry, and the use of recycled polyester fabrics for sublimation represents a significant step forward in this area.

Advantages of Recycled Polyester

  • Reducing the ecological footprint by using recycled materials.
  • Helping to reduce plastic waste in the environment.
  • Preserving natural resources by limiting the use of new raw materials.

Sublimation quality

  • Offers exceptional print quality with vibrant colours.
  • Ensures greater durability of printed motifs.
  • Meets performance and quality standards for sportswear.

Environmental impact

  • Reduced water and energy consumption compared to the production of virgin fabrics.
  • Limiting CO2 emissions associated with the manufacture of new materials.
  • Helping to combat climate change and plastic pollution.

Recommended types of fabric

To optimise the quality of your personalised garments produced by sublimation, here are a few types of sublimation technique fabrics recommended :

Polyester and polyester blends

Le polyester is the leading material for sublimation. In fact, its synthetic fibres have a porosity that is ideal for receiving thedigital printing patterns and colours. What's more, it retains its original shape after repeated washing and dries quickly.

Blends with a high polyester content are also popular because they offer the same benefits as polyester, but are softer and more comfortable for athletes to wear.

Technical fabrics

Other types of fabric can also be used to make personalised sportswear, particularly when special properties are required:

  1. Polyamide, which offers greater resistance to water and tearing, and ensures a good fit;
  2. Elastic fabric, ideal for sports requiring great freedom of movement;
  3. Breathable fabrics, specially developed to help wick away perspiration while ensuring satisfactory print quality.

However, these textiles must contain a minimum of polyester to ensure good adhesion of the digital print.

References favoured by SubliSport

Among the many references available on the market, some are better suited to the production of garments by sublimation:

The sublimation of sportswear requires high-quality fabrics to ensure that the end products are both aesthetically pleasing and durable. At SubliSport, we focus on transparency and quality by selecting our fabrics from leading textile suppliers. Here are just some of the partners we work with:

In Italy

  • Miti Spa A leading manufacturer of technical fabrics for sport, renowned for its innovation and quality.
  • Carvico and Lomellina Jersey These companies specialise in high-performance stretch fabrics, ideal for sublimation.
  • Sitip Sitip : Known for its innovative technical fabrics, Sitip offers perfect solutions for sublimated sportswear.

In Switzerland

  • Schoeller Schoeller is synonymous with high-tech fabrics, offering durable and functional materials suitable for sublimation.

In Spain

  • Argentona sportswear Sportwear Argentona specialises in fabrics for sports and offers innovative textile solutions for sublimation.

These partnerships give us access to fabrics that meet several essential criteria for sublimation, including :

  • Sublimation compatibility Fabrics designed for optimum ink absorption, guaranteeing vibrant, long-lasting colours.
  • Performance and Sustainability Fabrics that stand up to the demands of sport, ensuring long-lasting garments.
  • Comfort and functionality Breathable, flexible materials for comfort and freedom of movement.
  • Eco-responsibility Commitment to sustainable practices, favouring recycled materials and environmentally-friendly production methods.

This list represents only a fraction of our partnerships. We work with many other suppliers to broaden our range of fabrics and meet the specific needs of our customers. Each choice of supplier is guided by our commitment to offering sublimated sportswear that combines aesthetics, performance and durability, while respecting our values of eco-responsibility.

SubliSport expertise at your service

Before you embark on sublimating your sportswear, it's crucial to seek expert advice. At SubliSport, we put our know-how at your disposal to ensure that your customisation projects exceed your expectations. Here's how our expertise can make all the difference:

Why consult the professionals at SubliSport?

  • Tailor-made advice : Our specialists will guide you in choosing the right fabrics for sublimation, from the polyester sustainable rip-stop fabric water-resistant, through to the subli-cotton for a touch of cotton in your creations.
  • Mastering digital printing : We optimise your designs for high-quality digital printing, guaranteeing vivid colours and an impeccable finish.
  • Exceptional quality at unbeatable prices SubliSport is committed to offering superior quality within your budget, thanks to our rigorous selection of materials and advanced manufacturing processes.
  • Innovation and Sustainability Our rigorous sublimation tests ensure exceptional resistance and longevity for your garments, from sports T-shirts to personalised shirts.

The SubliSport Advantage

At SubliSport, we believe that the success of your sublimation project lies in the details. That's why we invite you to consult our experts before placing your order, to ensure that every aspect of your personalised garment is perfectly tailored to your needs. Together, we can create sportswear that combines aesthetics, comfort and performance.

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