How should I dress for running in winter?


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 12 February 2024

How should I dress for winter running? Winter is here and with it the cold, snow and sometimes ice. Yet many runners still venture outdoors to practise their favourite sport. To make the most of your running sessions without risking catching cold, it's essential to dress well. In this article, we offer some advice to help you choose the right winter running gear.

The essentials for coping with bad weather

Running in winter requires good protection against the cold, of course, but also against wind and damp, which can quickly make you feel very cold. Here are a few recommendations on how to protect yourself from these elements:

  • clothing Technical fabrics: choose technical fabrics such as polyester, which wick away perspiration better while providing good thermal insulation.
  • pairs of thermal stockings Choose warm tights or leggings with good breathability and anti-perspirant fabric.
  • warm gloves If the cold is really biting, wear mittens or even gloves. Don't forget to pack a neck warmer, balaclava or headband to protect your ears from the cold.
  • taking your extremities into account Cover your head with a toque or hat, and don't forget warm socks to protect your feet from the cold.

The three-layer principle

In winter, the idea is to cover up as best you can to avoid shivering in the cold, while still being free enough to run as you please. To do this, the three-layer technique is often recommended:

  1. First layer Wear a close-fitting technical T-shirt, ideally made of polyester, to wick away perspiration and prevent the cold coming into direct contact with the skin.
  2. Second layer Add a jumper or technical jacket that is slightly thicker than the t-shirt, offering good thermal insulation without being too bulky.
  3. Third layer finish off with a waterproof and windproof jacket to protect you from the elements (rain, snow, wind) and avoid being drenched to the skin.

Dark or light clothing?

The choice of colours for your clothing can be important, especially if you run in poorly lit areas in the evening or early morning. Dark clothing can be more discreet and difficult for motorists to spot, while light, reflective clothing can improve visibility and increase safety.

Warming up in winter

It's vital to warm up properly before running, especially in cold weather, to prepare your body for the effort and avoid the risk of injury. Here are a few tips:

  • Warming up in the dry Warm-up exercises: if possible, start your warm-up exercises inside your home, before going out in the cold. Stretch your muscles and joints with a few targeted exercises for your legs, ankles, feet, etc.".
  • Increase the warm-up time slightly Warming up: it's advisable to warm up a little longer during the winter months, to prepare your body and muscles for the low temperatures.
  • Adjust your pace Running: don't try to break records in the middle of winter, but rather maintain your general fitness. So take the time to warm up properly and don't hesitate to reduce the intensity or distance of your running sessions.

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In a nutshell

Running in winter requires good preparation and, above all, the right equipment to protect you from the cold, wind and damp. Follow the three-layer principle to dress correctly, remember to cover your extremities properly and don't forget the invaluable warm-up before you set off in the snow or icy weather.

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