emana fabric, health benefits and well-being


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 10 January 2024

In the ever-changing world of sport and athletic performance, textile innovation plays a key role in helping athletes reach new heights. Among these revolutionary innovations, Emana fabric stands out for its unique properties and beneficial effects on the health and performance of athletes. Developed by Rhodia, this intelligent Polyamide 6.6 yarn, enriched with bioactive minerals, transforms body heat into infrared rays, offering a host of benefits for athletes. This introduction to Emana fabric explores how this cutting-edge technology can not only enhance sports performance but also contribute to the general well-being of users.


The benefits of Emana Tissue for athletes

Emana fabric, developed by Rhodiais a revolution in the world of sports textiles, thanks to its intelligent Polyamide 6.6 yarn enriched with bioactive minerals. Here's how this avant-garde fabric can transform the sporting experience:

  • Converting heat into energy : Emana absorbs body heat and releases it in the form of infrared rays. This conversion improves performance by transforming human heat into energy that benefits the body.
  • Improved metabolism and circulation: Emana's bio-stimulant properties have a positive effect on metabolism and blood microcirculation, offering an added benefit for athletes.
  • Reducing Muscle Fatigue : Thanks to its ability to reduce the build-up of lactic acid, Emana tissue helps to reduce muscular fatigue, enabling athletes to prolong their efforts with less strain.
  • Quality certifications : Emana fibre doesn't just promise theoretical benefits; it is ISO 9001 certified and carries the OEKO-TEX label, a guarantee of its quality and safety.

Benefits of Emana fabric on the skin

Emana fabric doesn't just improve athletic performance; it also offers significant benefits for the health and appearance of the skin:

  • Increased elasticity and firmness : By wearing garments made with Emana fabric, your skin can gain in elasticity and firmness, thanks to the continuous stimulation provided by the infrared rays emitted by the fabric.
  • Fighting Cellulite : Emana fabric helps to combat cellulite effectively, reducing the appearance of orange peel skin by improving blood microcirculation and lymphatic drainage encouraged by the unique properties of this fabric.
  • Collagen stimulation : Emana's innovative fabric technology stimulates collagen synthesis, a key protein for keeping skin young, supple and resilient.
  • Reduces the Orange Peel Effect : Thanks to its bioactive properties, Emana tissue visibly reduces the orange peel effect, leaving the skin smoother and more even.

EMANA: A Major Innovation in Sports Textiles

Emana fabric represents a major step forward for the textile industry, particularly in the sports sector. Here's why this fabric is so revolutionary:

  • Comfort and softness : Emana has a pleasant texture that is soft to the touch and comfortable to wear, ideal for long-lasting sportswear.
  • Durability : Even after repeated washing, Emana retains its silky appearance, softness and suppleness, guaranteeing exceptional longevity for your sports equipment.
  • Antibacterial and breathable properties: This fabric naturally limits unpleasant odours thanks to its antibacterial and breathable properties, ensuring freshness and hygiene even during intense exertion.
  • Humidity Management : Emana excels at moisture absorption, keeping athletes dry and comfortable, no matter how intense the activity.
  • Easy maintenance : Emana's ease of care makes it a practical choice for sportspeople, simplifying the care routine for sportswear.
  • Unlimited customisation : With the ability to customise Emana in any colour, the design options are endless, allowing every team or athlete to stand out in style.
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