Customised motocross jerseys: express your style on the track


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 06 March 2024

Motocross is a sport that appeals to many enthusiasts, not least because of the adrenalin it provides and the unique style of its outfits. Customised motocross jerseys allow riders to show their identity and team spirit, while retaining the quality and comfort required for this demanding sport.

The advantages of customising motocross jerseys

One of the main attractions of customising motocross jerseys is the opportunity to have a unique outfit that suits your tastes and image. There are several reasons why a rider might choose to customise his jersey, including :

  • Asserting your identity : The rider's name, initials or number may be embroidered or printed on the jersey to make it easily identifiable.
  • Supporting your team : Team membership can be highlighted by specific logos or colours.
  • Paying tribute to a brand: Partners and sponsors can be represented on the jersey by their logos and advertising messages.
  • Expressing your creativity : An original and innovative design can be created to stand out on the slopes.

Personalisation techniques for motocross jerseys

Various methods are used to customise motocross outfits. Some of the most popular are :


Flocking is a printing technique that involves depositing coloured plastic flakes onto the fabric of the jersey. These flakes adhere to the material thanks to heat and pressing. This method offers a precise rendering of colours and patterns, with good resistance to washing, while remaining affordable.

Screen printing

Screen printing is also widely used for textile printing. It involves transferring ink directly onto the fabric, using screens to create different layers of colour. The result is generally good quality, brilliant and long-lasting.


For a traditional, top-of-the-range finish, embroidery is a popular option. Logos and text are made from coloured threads sewn directly onto the jersey. Embroidery adds a touch of luxury and refinement, but can be more expensive depending on the items to be embroidered.


Mainly used on synthetic sportswear, sublimation consists of printing the motifs and colours on a special paper, before transferring them to the jersey under the effect of heat. This technique offers great precision and colours that last over time, without fading.

How do you choose your personalisation service?

To find the service provider that best meets your expectations in terms of customising your motocross outfit, here are a few criteria to take into account:

  • Techniques on offer: Make sure that the service provider is able to carry out the personalisation method you require for your jersey (flocking, screen printing, embroidery, etc.).
  • Advice and support : A good service provider will be able to guide you and offer solutions tailored to your needs and budget.
  • The quality of the rendering : The colourfastness of the washes, the precision of the details and the finish must be beyond reproach for a professional result.
  • Completion times : Depending on the methods you choose, some suppliers may offer shorter or longer lead times. Make sure you have enough time to create your personalised outfit.

Some ideas for personalising your motocross outfit

Using a graphics studio or sportswear designer to design your own personalised motocross outfit opens up an infinite range of creative possibilities. Here are just a few examples:

  • Playing with colours and patterns: Combining bright colours with graphic elements such as stripes, chequered patterns or camouflage can make your jersey stand out.
  • Include original illustrations : Sober or quirky designs, such as flames, wings, lightning bolts or animals, can add a personal touch to your outfit.
  • Add eye-catching text: Opt for humorous, inspirational or provocative slogans to make a lasting impression during your races.

In short, customising motocross jerseys is an excellent way of asserting your style as a rider, while enjoying the benefits of comfortable, appropriate equipment. From flocking and screen-printing to embroidery and sublimation, service providers now offer a wide choice of techniques to get the look you want, both in terms of design and quality.


SubliSport: Your partner for customising motocross jerseys

Motocross jersey customisation offers a host of advantages for riders who want to assert their identity on the track. With SubliSport, you can benefit from high-quality customisation that meets your specific needs:

  • A strong identity Add your name, initials or number for instant recognition in the field.
  • Team support Team spirit: Wear your team's colours and logos to reinforce the feeling of belonging.
  • Sponsor visibility Display the logos of your partners and sponsors for financial support and increased visibility.
  • Unlimited creativity : Express your unique style with original and innovative designs.

With SubliSport, you can customise your motocross jersey according to your preferences and stand out on the track with high-performance, personalised gear.

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