Customised trail tank top

Looking for a personalised trail tank top for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Customised trail tank top: a personalised solution tailored to your needs

At Subli Sport, specialists for over 10 years in the design and manufacture of personalised sportswear, we offer high quality products developed through an eco-friendly design process. Our commitment? Everyone can benefit, at the right price and without distinction, from equipment designed specifically for clubs, associations, teams or sporting events.

Customise your mixed trail tank top with our personalisation options

Subli Sport offers you a wide range of options for creating the perfect customisable trail tank top that suits you. Whatever your sporting background, discipline or age group, we have a wide range of mixed models to suit you and your body type.

Choose from our range of materials

The technical nature of our outfits is essential to guarantee each wearer comfort, ease and performance throughout their physical activity. That's why at Subli Sport we rigorously select materials used in the manufacture of our trail tank tops, such as :

  • Lightweight, ultra-transpiring fabrics
  • Materials that rapidly absorb sweat and release it to the outside world
  • Elastic fibres for a perfect fit and great freedom of movement

Vary the colours as you like

Expressive, sober or daring? So that every sportsman and sportswoman can recognise themselves in their outfit, we've given you carte blanche to choose the right accessories. colours that will make up your trail tank top. Matching your logo, faithful to the club's colour code or daring contrasts: indulge yourself by exploring our varied palette and opting for the shades that will make all the difference.

Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional marking thanks to digital sublimation

Gone are the constraints of traditional techniques such as silk-screening or flocking: now it's time to use digital sublimation. At Subli Sport, this innovative printing method is our spearhead: it guarantees impeccable, long-lasting visual results on your personalised trail tank tops.

Let yourself be seduced by its many assets

Digital sublimation offers undeniable advantages:

  • Precision: This technology faithfully reproduces all the graphic elements of your project, from the simplest to the most complex, right down to the perfection of their chromatic nuances.
  • Respect for materials : It prints the inks directly onto the textile fibres without altering its quality, thus preserving its comfort and technical features.
  • Durability : The patterns remain intact wash after wash, resisting the stretching and rubbing inherent in sportswear.
  • Integral aesthetics : The entire surface of the tank top can be customised, for a result that reflects your image and optimises visual communication.

A strong ecological commitment to sustainable products

At Subli Sport, our eco-responsible approach is reflected in concrete choices that make a difference:

  • Made in Europe : To reduce our carbon footprint, we have chosen to design and produce our products within the European Union. What's more, this geographical proximity ensures better traceability and guarantees strict compliance with current environmental and social standards.
  • Responsible materials : We use recycled or bio-sourced textiles to make our customised trail tank tops, helping to limit the amount of polluting waste and resources used up in their manufacture.
  • Recyclability : Our garments are designed to live several lives depending on their use, while maintaining their technical properties and aesthetic appeal.

Personalised support for flawless results

With Subli Sport, it's never been easier to create a made-to-measure trail tank top. From online design to fast home delivery, you'll benefit from a turnkey service designed to meet your needs:

  • An intuitive configurator : All the customisation options are just a few clicks away on our online platform. You can instantly visualise your design and easily modify its components.
  • A team of professionals : Our sportswear experts and qualified graphic designers are on hand to guide you and fine-tune your project until you get the result you want.
  • Rigorous monitoring: Every stage is strictly controlled to ensure the irreproachable quality of the finished products: materials, cutting, printing, packaging... Nothing is left to chance!

Don't wait any longer to create the personalised trail tank top that will reflect your sporting identity while embodying our ecological and social values.