Personalised cross-training clothing

Looking for personalised cross-training clothing for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range
Personalised cross-training clothing

Unleash your potential with our personalised Cross Training clothing!

Cross training is a very intense sport that involves the whole body, which is why it's essential to wear suitable, comfortable clothing that lets athletes move freely. At Sublisport, we've created high-quality customised shorts and leggings and a whole range of cross-training equipment for men and women. Customised to your specifications, their design is based on your wishes and will accompany you during all your training sessions! Dreaming of a cross-training outfit whose design reflects your identity? Take advantage of an affordable order from 10 quantities, delivered to your crossfit box or gym.

Customise your cross training clothing

Are you looking for quality sportswear with a unique design to enhance your cross-training, weightlifting, gymnastics or yoga mobility and stretching sessions? Then you've come to the right place, because quality is the priority of our Sublisport brand. We make it a point of honour to offer you the best fabrics and unlimited customisable design. Our online shop for personalised sportswear for men and women offers you a wide choice of cross-training equipment for training and competition. You can choose to create your own design or call on our team of experts to help you. From cross-training shorts and short-sleeved cross-training T-shirts to compression leggings and fitness tank tops, we have a wide range of products to suit your needs and budget. Complete your personalised cross-training outfit for your members!

How SUBLISPORT customises your cross training clothing

Creating cross-training shorts or T-shirts for men or women requires special know-how. What if we gave ourselves the means to create your own design and play an active part in personalising your sportswear? At Sublisport, we go all out for your project. There are two ways to easily customise your cross training product. The first is to imagine your design using our 3D configurator, based on our inspirations. If you're not feeling creative, you can call on our team of designers to create your fitness garment. To personalise your fitness or bodybuilding garment, we use the sublimation technique. This high-quality printing technique enables us to print your logo, texts and motifs of your choice directly into the fabric. You get a high-quality product at a fair price that maximises your training performance. your training performance.

A range of customised t-shirts, shorts and bras!

It's important to us to give you the choice, which is why you'll find a wide range of cross-training clothing and accessories in our shop. Trousers, shorts, T-shirts for men or women, all you have to do is choose your size. Every stage of production undergoes rigorous quality control, so we can offer you the very best quality clothing. Resistant, they last over time and keep their bright colours to make your box, gym or team stand out from the crowd. Do you do another activity like weight training, yoga, fitness or gymnastics in addition to cross-training? Because they're comfortable and of high quality, members and participants will continue to wear their clothes even during their training sessions or competitions, contributing to your publicity.

How does SUBLISPORT stand out from the competition?

Our commitments are simple: to design high-quality personalised sportswear (T-shirts, shorts, leggings, bras, etc.) for each of our customers and to reduce our environmental impact as far as possible. We are committed to a global and concrete eco-design approach. Want to find out more? The clothes and accessories that make up your crossfit outfits are manufactured in European factories that respect their employees. The same goes for Our fabric is made by quality suppliers in Italy. Why these choices? Quite simply because we want to enable athletes and their clubs and associations to consume in a more ecologically responsible way.