Personalised club tracksuits: a fast-growing trend


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 04 February 2024

Personalised club tracksuits are a must for sports clubs and associations that want to stand out from the crowd. With a wide range of designs and materials, customisation offers a multitude of possibilities for creating outfits in your team colours.

The importance of personalised tracksuits in the world of sport

Customised club tracksuits are now a must-have in the world of sport. Whether for amateur or professional teams, wearing club kit strengthens the brand image and cohesion between members. Tracksuits help to create a shared identity within the group, and are a great way of showing that you belong to a team. Beyond the visual aspect, personalised tracksuits also meet practical needs: comfortable and adapted to sporting activities, they offer excellent freedom of movement.

A wide choice of models and materials

Customised club tracksuits are available in a wide range of styles, cuts and materials to suit the needs and preferences of every team. There are jackets with zips or hoods, trousers that can be adjusted at the waist, and jogging suits with tightened bottoms. What's more, the materials used to make them are varied: from cotton to polyester, polyamide or elastane, clubs can select what best suits their sport.

The stages of personalisation: design, colours and logo

To create a personalised club tracksuit, you need to go through several stages to achieve a result that reflects the club's image.

  1. Choice of model : Depending on the team's preferences, it is possible to select a jacket with or without a hood, adjustable or non-adjustable trousers, etc.
  2. Colour selection : It is vital to choose tracksuit colours that match those of the club. Associations can opt for monochrome or two-tone outfits, in keeping with their colour codes.
  3. Adding the logo : The club logo must be affixed to the tracksuit, generally on the heart side for the jacket and on the thigh for the bottoms. This marking allows you to proudly display your membership of a group, and can even include the name of the club or its sponsors.

A combination of style and comfort for sports enthusiasts

Thanks to customised tracksuits, each team can create outfits tailored to its needs, while maintaining a stylish, trendy image. The different combinations of models and colours make it possible to design outfits that perfectly match the club's style and reflect the spirit of camaraderie.

Subli Sport: high-quality, eco-designed customised club tracksuits

Subli Sport specialises in the design and manufacture of personalised sportswearand eco-design. Based in Europe, Subli Sport is committed to offering a fair price for its products, so that every club can benefit from high-quality, environmentally-friendly outfits.

A commitment to more responsible sport

With growing awareness of environmental and social issues, it's essential to opt for equipment designed with these values in mind. That's why at Subli Sport, customised club tracksuits are made using eco-design to limit their impact on the planet during their life cycle. The brand also has its own production workshop, controlling all processes from design to branding.

Varied designs and easy customisation

Clubs can choose from a wide range of club tracksuits that can be customised to suit their needs. Simply ask Subli Sport for the design, colours, logo or any other visual element needed to create outfits that reflect your image. This easy customisation gives clubs great freedom of choice to design unique and attractive tracksuits.

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