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Written by Julie Kerry
Le 28 January 2024

At Subli Sport, we specialise in the design and manufacture of sportswear in eco-designThese include custom-made e-sport shirts for clubs, associations, teams and sporting events. Our commitment is to offer you high-quality products at a fair price, so that everyone can design equipment that reflects their image, while respecting the environment.

The advantages of choosing an eco-designed e-sport shirt

The e-sport trend continues to grow and gain in popularity, giving rise to a growing demand for specific equipment such as e-sport shirts. However, standardising this new industry means taking more responsible criteria into account, both ecologically and ethically.

As part of our commitment to providing a sustainable and responsible solution, Subli Sport offers you e-sport shirts made using eco-design: a manufacturing process that minimises the environmental impact of products while maintaining their quality and performance.

Respect for the environment

  • Manufacturing in Europe: reducing emissions linked to long-distance transport, supporting the local economy
  • Use of recycled materials in production
  • Optimising the manufacturing process to reduce waste and energy consumption
  • Eco-responsible packaging, reduced use of plastic

Respect for ethics

  • Working conditions complying with European standards for employees involved in the production process
  • Fair pay for all partners
  • Adopting a responsible approach to the practice and development of e-sport in general

SubliSport, a solution for every need

Whether you're a sports club or association, an e-sport team, a sporting event or even an individual looking to design personalised equipment, Subli Sport has what you need. We offer a wide range of e-sport shirts and other clothing with exclusive designs that can be fully customised to suit your needs and preferences.

Tailor-made e-sport shirts: unique designs to suit your style

Do you have a very specific idea for your future e-sport shirt? Our team of designers is ready to help you bring your project to life. Whether it's a question of colours, patterns, typography or logos, at Subli Sport we're convinced that the possibilities are endless for creating a unique and entirely personalised e-sport shirt.

Quality without compromise

All our e-sport shirts are designed for performance and comfort, using top-of-the-range technical materials that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. What's more, at Subli Sport we make sure that each jersey is carefully manufactured in our workshop in Europe, guaranteeing meticulous monitoring of the production process and optimum quality from start to finish.

Affordable prices for all

One of our priorities is to be able to offer sports facilities to suit everyone's budget, without sacrificing quality or eco-responsibility. That's why we've introduced an attractive pricing policy that allows all strata of the population involved in the world of e-sports (clubs, associations, teams, events, etc.) to access a sustainable product that's tailor-made to their requirements.

Our commitment to a fair price

  • Competitive prices: at Subli Sport, we make sure that our prices are among the most attractive on the market so that we can respond effectively to your needs and requirements.
  • Personalised quote: would you like to know how much it will cost to create your own e-sport shirt? Our team offers you a fast and transparent personalised quotation service, to give you all the information you need before placing your order.
  • Special offers and discounts: on an occasional basis, we offer promotional offers and discounts for clubs, associations, teams or sporting events, to help them get started in the world of e-sport and benefit from quality, environmentally-friendly clothing.

By opting for an eco-designed e-sport shirt at Subli SportBy choosing our products, you are making an active contribution to preserving our environment, while benefiting from high-quality, made-to-measure equipment. So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by our expertise, creativity and commitment to responsible sport.

At the heart of the e-sport world, Subli Sport stands out for its passion for creating personalised e-sport shirts that combine performance, style and environmental commitment. Our mission is to provide every club, association, team and sporting event with equipment that reflects their identity while promoting an eco-responsible approach. Discover the unique benefits of working with Subli Sport for your e-sport shirt needs:

Respect for the environment

  • European manufacture : By favouring local production, we minimise our carbon footprint and support the local economy.
  • Recycled Materials Choosing Subli Sport means opting for shirts made from recycled materials, thereby reducing the environmental impact of your sports equipment.
  • Manufacturing optimisation We take great care to reduce waste and energy consumption throughout our production process, ensuring a respectful approach to our planet.

Respect for ethics

  • Fair working conditions : At Subli Sport, we ensure that everyone involved in the manufacture of your jerseys benefits from fair working conditions, in line with European standards.
  • Fair remuneration : All our partners are paid fairly, reflecting our commitment to ethical business practices.
  • Promoting responsible e-sport We are dedicated to supporting the development of e-sport while respecting human and environmental values.

A range to suit every need Whether your project is big or small, Subli Sport is here to make it happen. Thanks to our wide range of e-sport shirts and the complete customisation we offer, each creation is unique and perfectly aligned with your expectations.

Made-to-measure swimwear Turn your vision into reality with Subli Sport. Our designers are on hand to create shirts that capture the essence of your team or event, incorporating your favourite colours, logos and patterns.

Uncompromising quality We don't compromise on quality. Our jerseys are designed to offer exceptional performance and comfort, while being environmentally friendly.

Accessible rates Our aim is to make quality e-sport shirts accessible to everyone. Thanks to a transparent and competitive pricing policy, we ensure that everyone can benefit from personalised, long-lasting sportswear.

At Subli Sport, we're convinced that quality, customisation and eco-responsibility can go hand in hand. By choosing our services, you are choosing a reliable partner committed to discover our personalised sportswear. Join us in our mission for a more sustainable and expressive e-sport.

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