Create your brand with a professional clothing manufacturer


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 06 December 2018

Launching a brand is a real obstacle course, especially when it comes to the collection itself. The best way to do this is to work with a clothing manufacturer. SublimFactory is such a company. With its experience and ability to listen to your needs, you're guaranteed satisfaction.


The company is a clothing manufacturer specialising in sportswear and sports equipment. With years of experience under its belt, you can be sure of impeccable workmanship, which is what it's renowned for. From design to delivery, we offer a complete service to guarantee your success. Committed to your success, this clothing manufacturer will support you to such an extent that you could confuse it with your business partners.

A style bureau at your service

With a design office on the lookout for the latest trends and styles, this clothing manufacturer can help you stand out from your competitors and promote your brand.

When it comes to creating and designing your brand or collection, work with a professional clothing manufacturer like Sublimfactory to support you throughout your project. Our graphic designers, stylists and model makers will help you define your style and bring it to life. As the cutting edge of style, this office will guide you so that you're always on the ball, and even ahead of the game!

It will draw up the technical files you need to complete the production of your orders.

SublimFactory is also a partner in the implementation of brand launch strategies, acting as "a true partner committed to your success. Its advice is extremely helpful. Your success is our success!



A sign of SublimFactory's professionalism, it also has a Sourcing team. With an already extensive network of suppliers in Europe, it will be easier for you to find the materials and supplies you need for each order, at the best value for money. The materials used in the manufacture of sportswear and equipment are quite different and demanding. They have to be durable and comfortable once finished. This makes the task upstream of the garment manufacturing quite difficult.
Apart from this, the garment manufacturer has a number of manufacturers throughout Europe who can be enlisted to complete an order.


Once the prototypes have been validated, the SublimFactory garment manufacturer moves on to the actual production. Your specifications and the patterns supplied will be followed to the letter. Quality control is carried out throughout this process. From cutting to printing to packaging, respect for your order is the watchword, with an ongoing quest for quality. So your sportswear and/or equipment will be exactly as you ordered.

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