Create a personalised rugby shirt for a unique identity


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 10 February 2024

Le personalised rugby polo shirt has become an essential element for clubs, associations and sporting events looking to stand out and assert their identity. Today, personalisation is no longer limited to the choice of colours and logo: materials, cuts and designs are also taken into account to perfectly match the specific needs of each team. At Subli Sport, we do our utmost to offer personalised sportswear that are both adapted to your sporting needs and environmentally friendly.

A tailor-made solution for every project

At Subli Sport, we understand that every club or association has different expectations in terms of design and personalisation. That's why we offer you a wide range of options to create the rugby polo shirt that best suits your needs. Whether it's choosing from our extensive range of colours and patterns, or creating your own design from scratch, our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the end result lives up to your expectations.

  • Variety of colours : Because each club has its own colours and it's important that they're well represented, we offer you a wide choice of shades to make your personalised rugby polo shirt.
  • Original designs : To give your equipment even more style and originality, why not opt for a unique motif? Our catalogue will give you the inspiration you need to create a real visual identity for your team.
  • Tailor-made design : If none of our existing models are what you're looking for, there's nothing to stop you from creating your own design from scratch. That way, we can create an outfit that faithfully reflects your image and your ambitions.

Innovative materials for quality sportswear

Quality and performance are at the heart of our approach at Subli Sport. That's why we use the best materials available to make our personalised sportswear. As well as the choice of materials, this also means paying particular attention to the cut and finish of our products. This way, every player can concentrate fully on their sporting activities and enjoy their equipment with complete confidence.

  • Breathable fabrics : We know that comfort on the pitch is crucial, so we use lightweight, breathable fabrics to give players plenty of freedom of movement.
  • Moisture-wicking technology : Our personalised rugby polo shirts feature technology that rapidly wicks away perspiration during exercise, guaranteeing optimal, long-lasting comfort.
  • Comfort and strength : Thanks to our quality fabrics, Subli Sport personalised rugby polo shirts are both resistant to repeated washing and comfortable to wear, so they always look great on the pitch.

Eco-design for personalised sportswear

At Subli Sport, we have opted for eco-design to develop our products. personalised sportswear. As well as being eco-responsible and respectful of our planet, this approach ensures that you get a high-quality product that meets your environmental requirements. Many sports clubs and associations are now choosing this method to meet their needs, while at the same time being mindful of the ecological impact of textiles.

  • Use of recycled materials : By using recycled raw materials, we help to limit waste production and preserve natural resources.
  • Made in Europe : Our commitment Our commitment to the environment also means manufacturing locally, thereby limiting transport costs and their associated carbon impact.
  • A fair price: Our aim is to offer eco-designed products at a reasonable price, so that everyone can buy quality equipment while taking care of the environment. To achieve this, we work with reliable and recognised partners.

Customised solutions for all your sporting events

The personalised rugby polo shirt is ideal for clubs and associations, but it's also perfectly suited to sporting and cultural events that want to convey their image in an effective and modern way. As with clubs, we offer a wide range of personalisation options to enable you to create an outfit that meets the requirements of your event and faithfully reflects its identity.

  • Marking : Dye sublimation enables high-definition printing with vivid, long-lasting colours on personalised rugby polo shirts, ensuring that designs do not fade over time. This technique offers unlimited creative freedom, allowing complex designs without affecting the breathability or comfort of the fabric. What's more, sublimation ensures that polo shirts remain lightweight and comfortable.
  • Logos and sponsors : Sporting events are often supported by partners or sponsors: at Subli Sport, we make sure that their logos are showcased to best effect on our personalised rugby polo shirts.
  • Small and large production runs: Whether you need just a few copies to promote your event or a large quantity to equip your entire organisation, we are able to process all orders quickly and efficiently.

With Subli Sport, personalised rugby polo shirts become an essential asset for promoting your club, association or sporting event. Take advantage of our expertise and our wide range of personalisation options to create the outfit that suits you, while respecting the environment.

Discover our range of personalised rugby clothing at SubliSport, where innovation and customisation come together to give your team a unique experience. unique visual identity. With SubliSport, you'll enjoy a competitive edge thanks to high-quality materials, unlimited customisation and a commitment to eco-responsibility, ensuring that each rugby polo perfectly reflects the spirit of your team.

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