Circular economy _ a virtuous circle


Written by Julie Kerry
Le 26 January 2024

It's time to rethink our habits and build a world that is more respectful of the environment. This means redesigning consumer products at every stage from design to end-of-life. The circular economy is the best solution. This virtuous economic model not only reduces ecological impact, it also creates social, economic and, of course, environmental value.

A few words to help you understand the circular economy

The aim of this business model is to design products and services in a sustainable way. The aim is to minimise the waste of resources while minimising the production of waste.

This virtuous circle is based on four pillars:

  • Sustainable sourcing techniques (purchase of environmentally-friendly products, choice of the shortest distribution route, etc.).
  • An eco-design principle aimed at focusing on the impact of products throughout their life cycle.
  • A more sober and responsible way of consuming, both for end consumers and for the companies themselves.
  • Recycling, the cornerstone of any eco-responsible approach.

What is eco-design?

Simply put, eco-design is an approach that aims to take into account the environmental impact of a product throughout its value chain.

A product resulting from this approach is free from substances that are harmful to both human health and the health of flora and fauna. It is also designed with respect for the planet, reducing and recycling the waste generated during the production phase.

By striking the right balance between environmental constraints and the requirements of manufacturing techniques, it is entirely possible to design high-performance, efficient products.

Product life cycle

Like living things, all objects follow what is known as a life cycle:

  • The birth of a company includes three important phases: the extraction of raw materials, their processing and the transport or distribution of finished products.
  • Life corresponds to the use of the good or service by the purchaser.
  • Death is, of course, equivalent to recovery or disposal of the product.

At every stage in its life, a product consumes resources and leaves its mark on our environment, which is why it is so important to rethink its design throughout the value chain.

Sustainable procurement

The aim of sustainable sourcing is to limit or even halt the irreversible damage caused by the over-exploitation of natural resources. To achieve this, companies need to turn to new sources of inputs, namely recycled products and renewable materials.

At Subli Sport, 90% of our technical fabrics are currently made from post-consumer recycled polyester yarn or rPET. We work with specialist companies to collect and recycle unused plastic bottles. This waste is then given a second life as comfortable, hard-wearing and durable sportswear.

With eco-design at the heart of our commitments, our ambition is to gradually aim for 100% of recycled products over the coming years. To achieve this, we are working with our suppliers and partners to find new eco-responsible solutions.

We also recover fabric off-cuts from the production process. Instead of being destroyed by incineration, a process whose carbon impact is disastrous for the planet, the fabric scraps are used to design jacket linings or pockets.

Green supply chain

The green supply chain is a management philosophy aimed at reducing a company's negative impact on the environment. All processes are affected by this strategic choice, from the eco-design of products to sustainable delivery methods, including ethical sourcing and more responsible production.

  • The fundamentals of green supply chain management

To reduce the environmental impact of its activities, a company needs to rethink its processes.

  • For buildings: renewable energies should be used as the preferred energy source;
  • In terms of sourcing: favour eco-responsible raw materials and focus on short distribution channels;
  • At production level: reduce energy and waste production as much as possible;
  • In transport and logistics: favour the use of biofuels and optimise routes.
  • The benefits of the green supply chain

As well as helping to improve companies' brand image, the green supply chain undeniably helps to reduce their carbon footprint.

On another note, we cannot ignore the financial advantages offered by this ecological strategy:

  • Reduced water and electricity consumption for optimised profitability;
  • Use of recyclable materials that can be re-injected into the production chain;
  • Reduced waste, resulting in lower treatment costs.

In view of these many advantages, it is in every company's interest to adopt green supply chain management as part of its process.

  • Subli Sport and the green supply chain

At Subli Sport, our motto is to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. This means adopting responsible methods in the way we do business, and our transport and logistics division is no exception. In line with our sustainable development commitments, we are gradually moving towards less polluting methods for the transport and delivery of our personalised sportswear.

Ultimately, our aim is to rely entirely on the use of clean energies such as electricity and fossil gas. And for long-distance journeys, our ambition is to give priority to rail transport, thereby contributing to reducing road congestion and decarbonisation.

Product sustainability at SubliSport

  • Commitment to the Circular Economy : SubliSport adheres to the principles of the circular economy, focusing on the sustainability of products to reduce waste and over-consumption.
  • Rigorous selection of raw materials : We choose our fabrics meticulously, favouring Italian suppliers renowned for their high quality, to ensure the longevity of our technical garments.
  • Production Manager : Our production sites in Portugal and Bulgaria are selected for their commitment to sustainable development, aligning our manufacturing practices with our ethical values.
  • Expertise in Textile Sublimation : Thanks to our mastery of sublimation, we offer sportswear with durable colours and details that can withstand the demands of intensive training and competitions.

To find out more about our commitments and our contribution to more sustainable fashion, don't hesitate to contact us. At SubliSport, we are dedicated to providing sports equipment that combines performance, style and environmental responsibility.

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