Customised trail neck cover

Looking for a personalised trail neck warmer for your club or event? Find out more about our products.

Personalised trail neck warmer: an essential for runners and sporting events

At Subli Sport, we design and manufacture high-quality personalised sportswear in Europe using eco-design, and we're committed to offering it at a fair price. So that everyone, whether a small or large club, association or team, can design equipment that reflects their image, is good for their athletes and good for the Planet.

The importance of neck warmers in trail running

The trail neck warmer is undoubtedly one of the most popular essential accessories for trail runners and running enthusiasts. This product offers a host of practical benefits, particularly when it comes to preserving body heat during sports sessions in cold or wet weather.

Protection against cold and damp

A neck warmer effectively protects the neck, neck and lower face from the elements, thanks to its soft, breathable mesh design. This allows runners to maintain an ideal temperature throughout their run, improving comfort and performance.

Versatility and adaptation to athletes' needs

As well as its main use as protection against the cold, a neck warmer can also be worn in a variety of ways, depending on the specific needs of each individual. It can be worn as a choker, headband, hat or mask, offering real adaptability for different trail runs and running sessions.

The personalised neck warmer: a promotional tool for sports clubs and events

When it comes to sport, identity is everything. That's why sports clubs, associations and event organisers are constantly looking for creative ways to assert their image. In this respect, the personalised neck warmer represents a promotional tool of choiceThis not only reinforces the sense of belonging to the same entity, but also conveys a positive image when it comes to sponsors.

Relying on sublimation personalisation

To meet the needs of sports clubs and events in terms of personalisation, Subli Sport uses the technique of sublimation. This printing method enables any motif, logo or text to be reproduced identically with great precision and longevity, without altering the initial quality of the product.

A useful accessory that sports enthusiasts love

By choosing to personalise neck warmers for their club or sporting event, organisers can be sure of offering a welcome and useful gift to participants. What's more, when this type of accessory is seen as a sign of belonging to a community, it helps to strengthen cohesion within sports teams and structures.

A product designed with the environment in mind

At Subli Sport, we aim to offer sports equipment that meets the needs of our customers. environmental values. Our eco-design approach enables our customers to benefit from high-quality customised products while minimising their impact on the planet.

  • A European production: All our neckwarmers are made in the European Union, which considerably reduces transport costs and the resulting CO2 emissions.
  • Eco-responsible materials: We rigorously select our fabrics according to their composition and origin to ensure a reduced ecological footprint.
  • A zero waste policy: we favour the most efficient production methods to avoid unnecessary waste. This includes the sublimation technique, which uses no water or chemical solvents during printing.

Customise your trail neck warmer now with Subli Sport

Thanks to its many advantages, the customised neck warmer is in great demand and appreciated by many clubs, associations and sports event organisers. Take a look at our catalogue to discover all the possibilities available and start designing your customised, environmentally-friendly, high-quality trail neck warmer today.