Customised trail jersey

Looking for a personalised trail shirt for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Customised trail jerseys: combine performance and style with SubliSport

Le personalised trail jersey has become a popular choice for runners, clubs and sports associations who want to stand out from the crowd while benefiting from high quality, environmentally friendly clothing. At Subli Sport, we pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing personalised sports equipment in Europe, while offering a fair price to suit everyone's needs. Find out in this article about the benefits of a customised trail jersey, as well as the different options available for personalising your outfit.

Quality and eco-design: SubliSport's commitments

At Subli Sport, we're committed to creating high-quality sportswear, carefully crafted in Europe. Our commitment to eco-design means that we use eco-friendly and sustainable materials to make our products, while ensuring that we limit our environmental impact throughout the production process.

Responsible, high-performance materials

The personalised sportswear that we manufacture are made from innovative technical fabricsOur products are made from a wide range of materials, offering excellent thermal regulation and optimum resistance to the elements. What's more, our selection of responsible materials helps to reduce our carbon footprint and ensure that our products are good for the planet.

European manufacturing guaranteeing quality and durability

All the made-to-measure sportswear offered by Subli Sport is designed and manufactured in Europe, ensuring an impeccable finish and strict control of the production process. By choosing a personalised trail jersey With us, you can be sure of getting equipment that is durable and professionally designed.

A wide range of customisation options for the trail jersey

To meet the specific requirements of each club, association or individual runner, our customisation service offers a multitude of choices to create a unique trail jersey tailored to your needs.

Sublimation for unlimited customisation

Subli Sport uses the sublimation technique to print the desired motifs and logos on its customised trail jerseys. This method produces vivid, long-lasting colours that withstand repeated washing and won't fade over time. What's more, the sublimation offers total creative freedomThere are no constraints on the shape, colour or size of your design.

Numerous cuts and styles

Our customised trail jerseys are available in a variety of cuts and styles to suit all ages and body types. From short-sleeved jerseys to trail tank tops and slim-fitting women's jerseys, you'll find the model that's just right for you.

A simplified ordering process for your personalised trail jersey

Subli Sport offers a simple and intuitive ordering process to make it easy for you to create and purchase your made-to-measure trail jersey.

Bulk price calculator

Use our sliding scale price calculator to find out the exact cost of your personalised jerseys. Easily determine the quantity you require.

Creation and validation of the design

Once the order has been validated, our team will create the design of your personalised trail jerseyin accordance with your instructions. You will then receive a digital mock-up to validate the design, which will avoid any errors or misunderstandings before your equipment is manufactured.

The Subli Sport personalised trail jersey: the perfect blend of performance and design

By choosing a personalised trail jersey With Subli Sport, you're choosing equipment that combines quality, design and environmental responsibility. We are committed to offering innovative, high-performance products that are adapted to the specific characteristics of trail running, so that your equipment is not just a piece of clothing, but a real asset during your training sessions and competitions.