Customised trail jacket

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Customised trail jacket: a unique touch for your sports team

The world of sport is becoming increasingly demanding, and the same applies to the clothing and accessories used by athletes. Quality, design and comfort are key, but customisation is also becoming increasingly important. So today we'll be talking about the benefits of customised trail jackets and how they can add a unique touch to your sports team.

Quality first and foremost: European manufacturing

At Subli Sport, we understand that the quality of the materials and the finish of the products are essential to satisfying the sportswear requirements of athletes and clubs. That's why we manufacture our customised trail jackets in Portugal, with a strong commitment to eco-design and sustainability.

Our fabrics are scrupulously chosen for their technical properties, comfort and resistance, to offer athletes a customised trail jacket that will meet their training and competition needs.

The personalisation process is also carried out with care, using modern techniques that ensure colours and patterns hold up even after repeated washing or exposure to harsh weather conditions.

A wide choice of jackets and waistcoats to suit all tastes

To meet the specific needs of every club, association or sports team, we offer a wide range of customised trail jackets and waistcoats. Our selection includes :

  • Lightweight, ideal for summer use;
  • Thermal, to maintain a comfortable temperature during winter training ;
  • Windproof, for effective protection against the elements.

What's more, each of these models can be customised according to your colours, logos and designsYou can also choose between different sizes, so that each athlete can have a jacket that's perfectly suited to his or her body type. You can also choose from a range of sizes to ensure that every athlete has a trail jacket that fits perfectly.

Customisation to enhance your team's image

The phenomenon of personalisation is booming in the sporting world, enabling clubs and associations to stand out and assert their visual identity. Wearing a personalised trail jacket with the colours and logo of your sports team is a way of showing that you belong to a group and reinforcing cohesion between members.

Personalisation is also an asset at sporting events, as it allows your team to stand out and be easily spotted by supporters and other spectators. Finally, offering your athletes high-quality trail jackets personalised with their image can also be a way of motivating them and building loyalty.

A fair price for made-to-measure clothing

At Subli Sport, we're committed to offering customised trail jackets that are accessible to all budgets. Whether you're a small club, a large sports association or a one-off event, we guarantee a competitive price without compromising on the quality of our products.

To help you make the right choice, take a look at our online catalogue, where you can discover all the models we offer and the different customisation options available. You can also contact us directly for a free quotation and to discuss the personalised trail jacket that best suits the needs of your sports team.

When you choose Subli Sport's personalised trail jackets, you're opting for quality sportswear designed with passion and respect for the environment, while asserting your team's unique image. So get started now on creating your own trail jackets and give your creativity free rein!