Customised running choker

Looking for a personalised petanque running neckband for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Personalised running choker: The ideal accessory for your training and competitions

In the world of sport, and more particularly in the field of running, equipment is essential to optimise performance. A choker is an essential part of the range of accessories designed to meet the specific needs of runners. At Subli Sport, we suggest that you combine performance and originality by choosing a personalised running choker high-quality eco-design.

Why choose a personalised choker for your sporting activities?

The neckband is a versatile accessory that appeals to a wide range of sportsmen and women, whether it's for protection against the elements or to show that they belong to a community. Here are just a few of the reasons why choosing a personalised running choker might be a good idea:

  • Protection : Whether in winter or summer, a choker provides extra protection against the cold, wind or sun during your running outings.
  • Maintenance : The neckband keeps the hair in place throughout the effort, avoiding any discomfort or visibility problems.
  • Customisation : Choosing a personalised running choker means asserting your identity and colours, while standing out from the crowd and creating a sense of belonging to a team or club.
  • Comfort : Discreet and lightweight, the choker adapts perfectly to the shape of each sportsperson, offering optimum comfort during exercise.

A personalised running choker: the promise of a sustainable, ecological accessory made in Europe

By choosing Subli Sport to create your personalised running choker, you're also choosing a sustainable, environmentally-friendly product. At Subli Sport, we have chosen to manufacture our products in eco-design, including :

  1. The use of certified technical and innovative fabrics OEKO-TEX Standard 100, that meet the most stringent requirements in terms of eco-responsibility and limit substances that are harmful to the skin.
  2. Manufacturing Europe, in order to minimise our carbon impact by reducing the distances between the different stages of production as much as possible.
  3. The implementation of optimised, environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes (recycling of fabric off-cuts, controlled water and energy consumption).

All without sacrificing the quality of our products, which combine performance, durability and comfort.

How can you personalise your running choker?

To design a personalised running choker that suits you, it's important to take certain factors into account:

  • Colours and patterns : Choose harmonious colours and original patterns for a successful and unique visual effect.
  • Logo or text : Create a personal message or insert the logo of your club, association or company to highlight your identity and get a clear message across.
  • The quality of the graphics : Choose a high-quality image, vectorised if possible, to ensure a perfect print result.

Finally, don't hesitate to consult our team of specialists for advice and a professional opinion on the success of your design. All that's left for you to do is put on your personalised running choker in the colours of your choice and enjoy your training sessions and competitions to the full!

Subli Sport: a commitment to fair and accessible sports facilities

At Subli Sport, we want to be able to offer our high-quality products at competitive prices, whatever the type of organisation that wants to design its personalised sportswear. This is why we are committed to a fair price, providing access to professional-quality facilities for all players, whether they are large clubs, small associations or sports event groups.

Our mission is to give every sportsman and woman access to innovative, personalised technical clothing, while remaining true to our values. environmentally responsible and committed.