Customised running accessories

Customised running accessories

Personalised Running Accessories to Optimise Your Running

Today's runners are looking for accessories tailored to their needs to optimise their running experience. At Subli Sport, we design and manufacture high-quality personalised sportswear in Europe using eco-design, and we are committed to offering it at a fair price. So that everyone, whether a small or large club, association, team or sporting event, can design equipment that reflects their image, is good for their athletes and good for the planet.

Customised running sleeves: combining performance and style

Choosing the right pair of personalised running cuffs is essential for optimum comfort during your running sessions. As well as providing protection against the cold, cuffs also improve blood circulation thanks to their compressive effect. This makes them ideal for cool-weather training or early-morning competitions.

Made-to-measure production and customisation

At Subli Sport, our customised running cuffs are made from high-quality materials for comfort and durability. You can choose from a wide range of sizes, designs and colours to create cuffs that reflect your personality. It's the ideal accessory for asserting your identity within your team or at sporting events.

  • High-quality materials for optimum comfort
  • Customisable designs to reflect your identity
  • Compressive properties promote blood circulation and muscle recovery

Customised running choker: keep your muscles warm

Indispensable for cooler days, the personalised running choker helps maintain an ideal body temperature during exercise. Wearing a choker prevents too much heat being lost through the head, so preserving the energy needed for performance.

A versatile and stylish accessory

As well as its primary function of protecting the neck and throat from the cold, this accessory is also a genuine communication tool. At Subli Sport, we offer customised running chokers with the option of adding your logos, names or slogans, turning this simple accessory into a distinctive sign for your team or club.

  • Protection against the cold
  • Preserves energy
  • Customisation to show you belong to a team

Customised running cap: run protected while showing off your style

La personalised running cap is a must-have accessory for runners who want to protect themselves from the sun and the rain while showing off their style. The right cap helps maintain the right temperature, especially during races in the sun or in the rain.

A wide choice of designs and materials

At Subli Sport, we offer a wide range of caps made from lightweight, breathable materials to ensure the best possible wicking of sweat. Choose from different models and personalise your cap by adding your logos, colours or patterns to make it a unique accessory that represents you.

  • Protection from the sun and rain
  • Lightweight, breathable materials for comfort
  • Customisation to reflect your style and team spirit

Subli Sport: a commitment to eco-responsible and accessible design

As well as offering you customised running accessoriesAt Subli Sport, we're also committed to the environment, thanks to our eco-design processes. What's more, we take care to offer fair prices so that everyone, from small clubs to large associations, can benefit from high-quality, made-to-measure products without blowing their budget. Don't hesitate to discover our full range for your club, team or sporting event!