Customised running tank top

Looking for a personalised running top for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

The personalised running tank top: your ally in performing at your sporting events

With growing demand for personalised sports equipment, the sector is steadily taking over the wardrobes of sports enthusiasts. Among the many and varied advantages of these garments, discover the personalised running top.

Customised running tops from SubliSport: quality, design and environmental responsibility

At Subli Sport, we are committed to designing and manufacturing made-to-measure running outfits in Europe to the highest quality standards.. The manufacturing process for our products is designed to minimise our carbon footprint as much as possible, while maintaining our high standards for the quality of the end product.

  • A choice of eco-responsible raw materials to protect the environment
  • Production centred in Europe to reduce logistics-related energy costs
  • Optimised manufacturing processes backed by the relevant international certifications (OEKO-TEX, REACH certification, etc.)

Customised to your needs and identity

To meet the increasingly specific demands of clubs, associations and competition organisers, we have introduced a number of customisation methods:

  1. Digital printing by dye sublimation This method involves printing the desired image or logo directly onto the garment, guaranteeing optimum durability and a perfect visual finish.

Adopt a personalised running top to stay at the top of your game

Our tank tops are designed with lightweight, breathable and comfortable materials, ensuring athletes have the best experience during their training sessions or competitions. Here are just some of the features offered by our jerseys:

  • A lightweight, snug-fitting designThe garment is designed to be worn next to the skin, allowing perfect freedom of movement and reducing the risk of friction between the garment and the skin.
  • Breathable technical fabricsThese fabrics help perspiration to evaporate quickly and are quick-drying to prevent discomfort.
  • Reflective elements to improve visibility when training at night or in low-light conditions.

A smart investment for your club, team or sporting event

It's not just a detail of dress or a question of prestige, but a way of making an impression and uniting the members of a team:

  • Our customised running tank tops are available at fair prices
  • Clothing in the colours of an association or sponsor encourages cohesion between members of the group and reinforces the image they reflect.
  • Investing in this type of equipment also provides an excellent showcase for your partners

Our "Pack" service: designed to simplify grouped orders

To make it easier for managers of clubs, associations or sporting events to order in large numbers while managing their budgets efficiently, we have developed a tailored solution:

  1. Choose from our range of tank top models, then add the customisation options you want
  2. Select the number of copies you need
  3. Degressive pricing, you benefit from a reduction in the unit cost of items

Cultivate your uniqueness: opt for a personalised running top

With Subli Sport, you can offer your athletes technical, high-performance clothing in your organisation's colours.

Unique tank tops to reflect your sporting identity

Our creative team is ready to create magnificent designs that will delight clubs, associations and events large and small. Each member will wear your group's colours with pride:

  • Original and appropriate designs your world (sports club, association, sponsor)
  • A wide choice of colours to suit everyone and make a lasting impression
  • Design and validation of the final 100% model online using our interactive tool

Don't wait any longer and come and create your own personalised running top that will make all the difference at your competitions and training sessions! The ideal garment for asserting club membership, embodying values and boosting team spirit.