Personalised running T-shirt

Looking for a personalised running T-shirt for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.

Customised running T-shirt: enhance your performance and style with Subli Sport

When you're a regular runner, it's essential to wear clothing that's comfortable and adapted to your needs, so you can feel at ease when you're out running. The personalised running t-shirt from Subli Sport combines quality, eco-design and personalisation to give you a unique sporting experience! In this article, we present the advantages of these t-shirts and our commitments to the environment and price.

The advantages of a personalised running t-shirt

Subli Sport's personalised running T-shirts have a number of advantages for runners:

  • Comfort and freedom of movement: Thanks to our expertise in sportswear design, our T-shirts offer a perfect fit and great elasticity to ensure maximum comfort during your races.
  • Build quality : Made in Europe, our T-shirts are made from top-of-the-range materials that guarantee strength and durability.
  • Customisation : Want to create a shirt that reflects your image? At Subli Sport, we can personalise your t-shirt entirely with motifs, logos, text or even your name, as you wish.

Environmental commitment and eco-design

Subli Sport also takes its commitment to the environment seriously. That's why we have implemented an eco-design approach for the creation of our personalised running t-shirt:

  • Use of recycled materials : Our t-shirts are made from recycled fibres to reduce our ecological footprint.
  • Made locally : By choosing to manufacture our clothes in Europe, we limit the impact of our activity on the environment.
  • Combating waste : At Subli Sport, we make it a point of honour to minimise the waste we generate through optimised manufacturing processes.

Our CSR commitments: respect for the environment and people

In addition to eco-design, Subli Sport is committed to a global approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) to combine sustainable development and value creation:

  • Transparency in manufacturing : we guarantee full traceability of our products throughout the supply chain.
  • Dignified working conditions: The garment factories we work with respect workers' rights and international social and environmental standards.
  • Support for sports clubs and associations: By offering a fair price that is accessible to all, our ambition is also to contribute to the development of sport for all.

Create your personalised running t-shirt easily using our online configurator

Creating your own personalised running t-shirt couldn't be easier! Our online configuration tool guides you step by step through the process:

  1. Choose the T-shirt model that's right for you from our wide range.
  2. Then specify the colour and add your logo.
  3. If you wish, add text or your name for a unique look.
  4. Get a preview of your shirt.

Customer service to support you

Do you have any questions or need help creating your personalised running t-shirt? Our team of advisers is on hand to answer all your questions and help you with your personalised design. Don't hesitate to contact them by phone or e-mail, they'll be delighted to help!

Why choose Subli Sport for your personalised running t-shirt?

When you choose a personalised running t-shirt from Subli Sport, you're opting for :

  • A quality product, made in Europe using top-of-the-range, technical materials to optimise your comfort and performance.
  • Total customisation to suit your needs, with a simple and intuitive online configurator.
  • A strong environmental commitment, thanks to our eco-design approach and our CSR commitments.
  • A fair price, accessible to all, to support sports clubs, associations and events and contribute to the development of sport for all.