Customised running shorts

Looking for personalised running shorts for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Create personalised running shorts: comfort and durability for sportsmen and women

At Subli Sport, we offer the best quality for your personalised running shorts. Our commitment is simple: to offer clubs, associations and sporting events high-quality, eco-designed equipment at a fair price. Our range of customised running shorts is designed and manufactured in Europe, with respect for the environment and local know-how.

Encourage endurance with customisable running shorts

L'endurance is a key factor in running. To optimise your performance and well-being when training or competing, it's essential to choose running shorts that are tailored to your needs. Our customised running shorts are designed to offer you all the comfort you need, thanks to the materials selected and the manufacturing techniques used.

Lightweight, breathable materials

Our customised running shorts are made from lightweight, breathable fabrics that provide optimum regulation of perspiration and body heat. This ensures excellent comfort, even during the most demanding runs.

A wide range of models

Sublisport offers a wide range of customisable running shorts to meet the specific needs of every runner and every type of race. You'll find shorter shorts for fast runs, as well as longer models for better protection and optimal support during exercise.

The benefits of personalised running shorts

By opting for a personalised running shortsAs well as top-quality sports facilities, you'll also benefit from a host of other advantages:

  • Asserting your identity The choice of motifs, colours and logos allows your equipment to convey the image of your club or association;
  • Encouraging team cohesion personalised equipment reinforces the feeling of belonging within your running group;
  • Optimising performance Our running shorts adapt perfectly to every body shape to guarantee optimum comfort and ease of movement during exercise.

Seasonality: shorts for every time of year

Running isn't just for the summer, it's a year-round activity. That's why our range of customised running shorts is designed to meet the needs of every season.

Shorts for summer

Our summer running shorts are made from lightweight, breathable materials, so you can enjoy maximum comfort in the summer months. The different cuts available are also designed to ensure good ventilation and total freedom of movement.

Shorts for other seasons

For cooler weather, Sublisport also offers mid-season and winter running shorts, designed to give you optimum protection. They are made from thicker, thermo-regulating materials that maintain body heat while wicking away moisture.

How to customise your running shorts at Sublisport

The aim of Sublisport is to enable you to create a running shorts to match your image. Just follow these steps:

  1. Select the model of running shorts that best suits your needs;
  2. Tell us what you need and choose your colours.
  3. Add the logo of your club, association or sporting event as you wish;
  4. Confirm your personalisation request and receive your personalised running shorts as soon as possible.

Thanks to our expertise and passion for sport, Sublisport is proud to support clubs and athletes in their quest for excellence by offering customised running shorts that combine quality, performance and respect for the environment.