Personalised running clothing

Looking for personalised running clothing for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.
Personalised running clothing

Run for performance: discover our personalised running clothes!

Would you like to improve your running with the right equipment? Would you like to wear your team or club colours during your running sessions? Sublisport has all the clothing and accessories you need. For men and women, discover short- and long-sleeved T-shirts that will revolutionise your comfort during training. Whether you're looking for a personalised polyester jersey, a breathable tank top, unisex trousers or a hooded sweatshirt, our range of running gear at the right price is made to your specifications, to reflect who you are and what you want.

Customise your running clothes

Creating a personalised, comfortable and breathable running garment requires a special technique. That's why we've chosen the sublimation process. This innovative printing process enables us to print directly into the heart of the fibres (polyester, elastane), regardless of its weight or material. This high-quality process is perfectly suited to technical and sportswear. So it's just as suitable for your running T-shirt as it is for your trail jerseys. What's special about this printing technique? It doesn't block the pores in the fabric, so you can keep your garment breathable. Want to create your own personalised jacket or jersey at a fair and affordable price? affordable price? Start by selecting the existing model of your choice according to your requirements (collar and neckline, sleeves, size of garment, whether or not it has a zip...). Then use our 3D configurator to let your imagination run wild. You can adapt the colours of the sportswear, the texts, the patterns, the designs or even the logos of your running club.

How do our designers create your personalised running clothes?

Prefer to delegate the design of your long-sleeved T-shirt or other sportswear? If you're not feeling creative, our team of designers can help you create a personalised running shirt for men or women. Our experts can even customise your technical shorts, training joggers and more. Good to know: at Subli Sport we use Italian fabrics and an eco-friendly printing method. These special features enable us to make garments that are durable and colourful. Whether it's for a leisurely 5-kilometre run, a corporate group activity or an organised marathon, our sportswear and running gear will help you stand out from the crowd. Trust us to respect your ideas and create the outfit that suits you, at the right price.

Discover our full range of personalised running clothing

Runners will be delighted to discover our wide range of clothing and accessories dedicated to running. For men, women and even children, we design customised jerseys that will revolutionise your sport. Good to know: Our sportswear is made from bi-strectch, antibacterial, breathable, anti-UV and UFP50 fabrics, perfect for your running and training. Are you a member of a running club? Taking part in a marathon or charity run? Order your future men's or women's short-sleeved sports T-shirts now at an affordable price and receive them in just 3 to 4 weeks.

Why choose the SubliSport range of personalised clothing?

You don't know Sublisport yet? It's simple, we're manufacturers of personalised, eco-responsible running clothing at fair and affordable prices. If you're looking for quality and reliability in your sportswear, contact us! Our wide range of running gear combines innovation, comfort and performance. That's what sets us apart from our competitors, because we're committed to providing you with the best products on the market. That's why we make our own clothes, so that we can maintain total control over their quality and ensure your satisfaction. Discover all our running products for men and women: shorts, tank tops, jerseys, T-shirts (short or long sleeves), jackets... You can also complete your purchase with a range of accessories to help you improve your performance. Don't hesitate to ask us for more information - we'll be delighted to help you put together the perfect sportswear!