Personalised rugby clothing

Looking for personalised rugby clothing for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.

Personalised rugby clothing: the choice of quality and style

The world of rugby is a world of commitment and passion, where each player expresses their identity through their skills on the pitch, but also through their sporting attire. To answer this call, Subli Sport stands out for its personalised rugby clothingA range of products that combine comfort, performance and aesthetics, so that every club, association or sporting event can wear equipment that reflects their image.

Premium personalised rugby clothing made in Europe

Subli Sport is a committed player in the creation of high-quality, personalised sportswear. Based in Europe, the company is dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative and durable products, using the best design techniques and materials available. This expertise guarantees a wide range of rugby shirtsA range of products, including shorts, jackets and polo shirts, tailored to the specific needs of each team, so that everyone can choose the product that's right for them.

Personalised rugby shirts: finding the perfect fit

Whether you're a man or a woman, choosing the right rugby shirt is crucial to comfort and performance at matches and training sessions. At Subli Sport, each piece is carefully designed, combining the strength and adaptability needed to meet the demands of this demanding sport. Shirts are available in a range of cuts, including :

  • Standard : a classic cut that offers good comfort without being too baggy,
  • Fitted : a more fitted cut to follow the shape of the body and ensure greater ease of movement,
  • Pro : an even closer fit to optimise the performance of the most committed players.

By choosing the right jersey for their body shape and playing style, all players can showcase their skills on the pitch while benefiting from a high level of protection and support.

Eco-design: a strong commitment for customised rugby clothing

Subli Sport not only designs high-quality rugby outfits, it is also committed to an eco-responsible approach. This commitment is reflected in the use of materials from eco-designsuch that :

  • Recycled fabrics
  • Eco-friendly inks
  • Natural, sustainable fibres

This approach makes it possible to reduce the environmental footprint of each product while ensuring high manufacturing quality, for garments that respect both the environment and the players who wear them.

Fair pricing: the promise of an affordable offer

True to its desire to make its personalised rugby clothing accessible to as many people as possible, Subli Sport offers its products at a fair price. This pricing policy reflects our refusal to adopt a purely commercial approach, favouring a balance between quality and profitability. Clubs at all levels, associations and sporting events can benefit from customised equipment without sacrificing their budget.

Personalised rugby clothing: unique personalisation to match your image

Design your rugby outfit creatively

Subli Sport's personalised rugby clothing is designed to be a perfect reflection of each team's identity and values. Each item of clothing can be carefully customised to reflect your team's identity and values. tailored to your needs and desires:

  • Colours: a whole palette to express your identity,
  • Club name and logo: create a strong link between equipment and belonging to a group,
  • Sponsors: display your partners in a visible and elegant way,
  • Player number and name: give each jersey a personal touch.

With so many options to choose from, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating the outfit that will do your team proud and set you apart from your rivals.

Personalised assistance to make your project a reality

The process of creating personalised rugby clothing at Subli Sport is designed to be simple and accompanied. The company has a dedicated customer service team that will guide and advise you throughout your project, from graphic design to validation of the final product. This approach, which is unique to the company, underlines its commitment to its customers and guarantees maximum satisfaction at every stage of the process.

Choosing personalised rugby clothing from Subli Sport means...

  • Quality productsdesigned and manufactured in Europe,
  • Benefit from our expertise combined with eco-design materials,
  • Opting for made-to-measure equipmenttailored to the needs of each team,
  • Getting the price right that makes top-of-the-range affordable,
  • Celebrating identity and values of your club thanks to a wide choice of customisation options,
  • Support by a team attentive to every stage of the creative process.

All these assets make Subli Sport a privileged partner for all those who want to design and wear personalised rugby clothing that is resolutely unique and of the highest quality.