Customised padel tank tops

Customised padel tank tops

Personalised padel tank top: opt for quality and eco-responsibility with SubliSport

Padel is a fast-growing sport that combines dynamism, conviviality and physical demands. If you want to stand out on the padel courts and show off your style, you can now create customised padel tank tops, thanks to the expertise of Subli Sport.

SubliSport: the specialist in eco-responsible personalised sportswear

At Subli Sport, we design and manufacture in Europe high-quality personalised sportswear produced using eco-design techniques. We are committed to offering these products at a fair price to suit all budgets. Our aim is to enable clubs, associations, teams and sporting events to create equipment that reflects their image, is environmentally friendly and provides high performance for their athletes.

European manufacturing and eco-design

We are proud to contribute to the creation of a more responsible textile industry by producing our personalised clothing in Portugal. Not only does this give us greater control over the production chain, it also reduces the environmental cost of transport.

What's more, we use innovative processes in the manufacture of our textiles, such as recycled or eco-responsible materials and solvent-free inks. In this way, we guarantee a reduced impact on the planet, while offering quality products that are comfortable for sports enthusiasts.

Customised padel tank tops to suit all tastes

Subli Sport gives you the opportunity to create your own personalised padel topto suit your preferences and needs. You can adapt the design of the product, choosing from our wide range of available patterns and colours. Whether for a men's or women's team, our models are designed to meet everyone's expectations.

A wide choice of designs and colours

We offer a wide range of colours and designs, so that every team can design its own unique tank top, reflecting its identity and sporting spirit. The possible combinations of patterns and colours are almost infinite, so you can customise your tank top to reflect the image of your club or sporting event.

Customisation, including logos and sponsors

To take the customisation of your padel shirts even further, we can also print your club logo, sponsors' logos or any other visual you want. In this way, you'll benefit from a real means of communication to promote your organisation and its partners.

Quality and performance in our padel tank tops

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, our customised padel tank tops are also designed for comfort and performance. We use high-quality technical fabrics that are specially designed for paddle tennis, ensuring good moisture management and freedom of movement.

Fabrics designed for padel

Our padel tops are made from materials specifically chosen for their performance in this sport. They help wick away perspiration and dry quickly, so players stay dry throughout their match. Their lightness and elasticity also allow total ease of movement, essential for success on the padel courts.

Unbeatable durability

As specialists in eco-responsible personalised textiles, we're also committed to offering products that are durable and resistant, even under the demanding conditions of paddle tennis. Our tank tops feature impeccable print quality, with bright colours that stand up to wear and tear and repeated washing.

Order now and benefit from our expertise

Do you have a project to create a personalised padel top ? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss your ideas and get a quote tailored to your needs. We'll be delighted to help you realise your project, and to give you the benefit of our expertise in eco-responsible textile personalisation.