Customised rashguard

Looking for a personalised rashguard for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Personalised rashguard: a touch of originality for athletes and the planet

Sportswear is much more than a simple accessory: it represents the identity of each club, association or team that wears it. At Subli Sport, we have chosen to design and manufacture in Europe customisable rashguardsthat are suitable for everyone and respectful of our environment.

Customisable rashguards for a unique look

It is essential for every sports group to distinguish itself through its image and values. To achieve this, customising sports equipment has become a real asset. Our complete range of rashguards allows you to use your logo in any way you like. creativity to create a design perfectly suited to your identity and objectives.

With so many different cuts, shapes and materials to choose from, it's easy to find a customised rashguard to suit your needs and requirements. You can choose from :

  • the short-sleeved rashguards
  • the long-sleeved rashguards
  • from technical fabrics
  • from prints high quality and durable

An innovative, easy-to-access customisation process

We have developed a online customisationIt's easy to use, and is designed to meet the requirements and needs of sports clubs. You can create and order your own personalised rashguards in just a few clicks. Here are the key steps:

  1. Choose your model customisable rashguard.
  2. Select your desired colours, sizes and quantities.
  3. Place your order and receive your personalised rashguards in 4 weeks.

A commitment to the planet with eco-designed rashguards

At Subli Sport, we are convinced that the sports industry must also play its part in protecting our environment. That's why our customised rashguards are made using an eco-friendly use quality materials and reduce our ecological footprint as much as possible.

In this spirit of sustainability and ecology, we use recycled technical fabricsWe also take care to limit the transport of goods by producing and assembling our equipment in the European Union. We also take care to limit the transport of goods by producing and assembling our equipment within the European Union.

Sustainable partnerships with responsible suppliers

Our commitment to the planet is also reflected in our choice of partners. We favour suppliers who share our vision and implement eco-responsible approaches in their production and logistics. Together, we aim to offer sportswear for everyone, without compromising on ethics or the environment.

Personalised rashguards: quality and fair prices for sports enthusiasts

Subli Sport is committed to meeting the needs of clubs, associations, teams and sporting events at the best possible price-quality ratio. Our customised rashguards are available at a very competitive price. fair priceThis will give everyone access to high-quality equipment, while helping to protect the planet.

Our years of experience have enabled us to develop undeniable expertise, which we put at the service of sport and those involved in it. Whether it's a question of customising your kimonos, jjb, judogis or other equipment for your discipline, we're here to help you create outfits that reflect your image and benefit every athlete.

When you choose Subli Sport's personalised rashguards, you're making the choice of a impeccable qualityA unique design and a respectful approach to our environment. Don't hesitate any longer, and start creating your own personalised sports equipment that will proudly represent the colours of your club or association.