Personalised tracksuit jacket

Looking for a personalised tracksuit jacket for your club or team? Find out more about our products.

Personalised tracksuit jacket: a unique touch for your MMA team

In the world of sport, and more particularly in mixed martial arts (MMA), competition is fierce and it's essential to stand out from the crowd. Whether it's for a club, an association, a team or a sporting event, personalising your tracksuit jacket is a way of showing your identity with pride. At Subli Sport, we've made this our main objective, offering high-quality personalised sportswear made using eco-design.

Choosing a personalised tracksuit jacket: the importance of quality

Tracksuit jackets are worn by athletes during training, competitions and throughout the season. So it's vital to choose a quality product that's comfortable, durable and tailored to the specific needs of each MMA fighter.

At Subli Sport, all our products are made in Europe and undergo strict controls during the manufacturing process to guarantee their strength and durability. What's more, we use eco-friendly materials to protect the environment and ensure the well-being of those who wear our tracksuit jackets.

High-performance materials

Our personalised tracksuit jackets are made from technical and eco-friendly textiles that offer comfort and performance on the pitch, including :

  • Recycled polyester, a strong, lightweight material ideal for intensive training sessions
  • Microfibre, a lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away moisture quickly when perspiration occurs
  • Softshell, a windproof and waterproof material perfect for harsh weather conditions

All these materials are also suitable for the various personalisation techniques we offer.

Endless customisation options for your MMA tracksuit jacket

Personalising a tracksuit jacket is a real art, where every detail counts. At Subli Sport, we offer you a range of customisation options so that you can create the unique garment that suits you and your team's image. Here are some of the main possibilities:

Colours and patterns

We invite you to choose from a wide range of colours for the base of your tracksuit jacket: black, white, blue, red, green... Anything is possible! What's more, if you have a specific colour in mind, we can reproduce it thanks to our expertise in textile dyeing and our advanced technologies.

To take customisation a step further, we can also incorporate original, trendy patterns into your jacket. Whether it's stripes, splashes or creative geometrics, we'll find the ideal combination to enhance your visual identity.

Logos and texts

Any club, association or sporting event worthy of the name must proudly display its emblem on its clothing. Subli Sport offers a range of techniques for integrating the logo of your choice: embroidery, screen printing, transfer or digital printing, to be determined according to your needs and desires.

You can also add text: feel free to insert the name of the team, sponsors, inspirational quotes or any other message you want to convey about your MMA project.

A fair price for a personalised tracksuit jacket accessible to all

We believe that every club, large or small, should be able to provide itself with unique, high-quality equipment that reflects its personality. That's why we're committed to offering our personalised tracksuit jackets at a very competitive price. fair price.

This includes not only the cost of production and customisation, but also the cost of constant research into more sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials and the development of innovative technologies to make our range even more effective.

Opt for a complete and fully transparent service from Subli Sport

To achieve the desired result - a customised MMA tracksuit jacket that lives up to your team's expectations and ambitions - it's essential to work with an attentive, committed and professional partner. At Subli Sport, we make it a point of honour to :

  • Supporting each of our customers in their choices and offering them optimum customisation solutions
  • Offer genuine monitoring of the entire process, from the definition of requirements through to delivery and even after-sales service
  • Provide a clear, detailed quote for each project, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises along the way

When you choose Subli Sport, you can be sure that you're getting a one-of-a-kind, high-quality personalised tracksuit jacket, knowing that your choices are good for your athletes and our Planet.