Customised MMA shorts

Are you looking for personalised MMA shorts for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Customise your MMA shorts for unique style and optimum performance

At Subli Sport, we are proud to design and manufacture in Europe personalised sportswear high quality, eco-designed clothing. We are committed to offering our range of products at a fair price so that every club, association, team or sporting event can equip itself with clothing that reflects their image, is good for their athletes and good for the Planet.

MMA shorts to suit all needs and disciplines

We offer various types of customised MMA shorts to suit every combat sport, such as Brazilian Jiu-jitsuThese include boxing, kickboxing and grappling. Each model has been specifically designed to offer athletes the best possible experience and performance.

  • Comfort : The shorts are made from lightweight, breathable materials to ensure maximum comfort during exercise.
  • Freedom of movement : The cuts are designed to offer great freedom of movement, essential in combat sports and martial arts.
  • Resistance : The shorts have been carefully crafted and finished to ensure they last a long time, even under heavy use.

A simplified and rapid customisation process

Our online customisation process makes it easy to create the ideal MMA shorts for every athlete or club. With just a few clicks, you can choose colours and patterns, add logos and text, and much more. We use the sublimation for long-lasting, wash-resistant results and brilliant colours.

Step 1: Choose your basic model

Choose the MMA shorts that best suit your needs and preferences from our range. Each model has been tested and approved to offer the best possible performance.

Step 2: Choose your colours

Specify the colours for your personalised MMA shorts, selecting from our palette or providing your CMYK references or Pantone codes to create a unique, customised design.

Step 3: Add your logos and text

You can upload your own logos on the shorts to represent your club, association, sponsor or simply to display a personal message. Our designers are here to help you.

Responsible manufacturing and design to protect the planet

At Subli Sport, we are committed to a policy of 'sustainable development'.eco-designWe are committed to respecting the environment and reducing our ecological impact. Here are a few examples of actions taken in this direction:

  • Manufactured in Europe : By producing our sportswear in Europe, we reduce the distances travelled by our products, thereby limiting our carbon footprint.
  • Choice of materials : We carefully select the materials used to make our MMA shorts, favouring those that are environmentally friendly and from sustainable sources.
  • Raising awareness among our partners: We work with suppliers who care about the environment.

Express your personality and improve your performance with personalised MMA shorts

Don't wait any longer to create your personalised MMA shorts and join the community of athletes equipped by Subli Sport. Together, let's promote responsible, environmentally-friendly sport while enjoying quality products, adapted to each discipline and designed to offer you the best.