Customised MMA clothing

Looking for personalised MMA clothing for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.
Customised MMA clothing

Dominate the fight in style: Customise your MMA clothing at Sublisport!

Do you practise Mixed Martial Arts? At Sublisport, we've got a T-shirt that's particularly suited to your style and much sought-after by sportsmen and women: The Rashguard. This long- or short-sleeved top is specially designed for combat sports such as boxing or Muay Thai. You can customise it from A to Z, to reflect your identity or your club's colours. Find out more about its features and other essential products on delivery, such as MMA or Muay Thai shorts. There's no need to use a comparison tool - we'll give you a fair price.

How does SUBLISPORT customise your mma clothing?

Because we want to offer you high-quality products, we use the "sublimation" printing technique. This unique and innovative process prints your logos, your personal design and your texts at the very heart of the fabric fibres. Why do our customers love sublimation printing? Quite simply because it produces a durable, colourful MMA rashguard or shorts. What's more, this technique gives you personalised sportswear with no limits! You choose the size and position of your graphics, with no constraints. Ready to create your own boxing or MMA shorts? Use our 3D configurator and our sample designs to get inspired. Looking for inspiration or a very specific design? Ask our creative service for an unlimited, made-to-measure design that respects your your visual identity.

How does SUBLISPORT stand out with its MMA products?

Our team is committed to respecting the regulations specific to combat sports. Because your satisfaction is our priority, we take into account all the regulatory regulatory aspects of MMA, Muay Thai and boxing. Our design office develops every product in the MMA RANGE. The little extra? They They're with you every step of the way. Good to know: Because every detail counts, our size chart will be able to help you help you determine the right size for your MMA equipment. MMA equipment. Forget the nightmare of finding quality MMA clothing suppliers and trust Sublisport for your range of custom MMA clothing and accessories. Don't wait to discover our shorts and T-shirts!

How do you choose your MMA clothing?

Mixed martial arts combine hand-to-hand combat and pugilism. As holds are common during matches, this practice requires high-quality extremely resistant to abrasion. That's why it's important to choose your MMA equipment carefully! Are you looking for long- or short-sleeved sportswear for your MMA your MMA practice? We recommend the rashguard, specially designed for combat sports. As well as offering great freedom of movement, this special garment helps fighters stay cool and dry during their training sessions or competitions. This T-shirt offers a number of advantages thanks to its breathable bi-stretch fabric. The fabric not only wicks moisture away from the body and the wearer, but also protects the skin. Resistant to abrasion, it compresses the muscles and prevents burns from the rough surface of the tatami. Compression technology also optimises blood circulation, helping recovery. To complete your outfit, opt for personalised men's MMA shorts with anti-abrasion properties. They'll look great with your team colours! Finally, we recommend a boxing or MMA hoodie that you can wear after your training sessions, to continue to show off your club. Find out more about our products in our online shop.

Customise your MMA clothing

Have you found the MMA T-shirt or shorts you need? Are you looking for a rashguard or an accessory suitable for freestyle fighting? Opt for our customisation service. Thanks to our 3D configurator, you can personalise your combat garment combat clothing with a personal design. Whether it's a rashguard, a hoodie, men's muay thai shorts or a long-sleeved T-shirt, you'll get a unique MMA outfit! Would you rather put your trust in our experts? Our team of designers will give you advice tailored to your needs for personalised MMA gear. As professionals, we'll create the perfect design to match your club's colours and logos.