Personalised fitness tank top

Looking for a personalised fitness tank top for your club or team? Discover our products

Personalised fitness tank top: combine style and sporting performance

At Subli Sport, we offer you customised fitness tank tops combining quality, unique design and respect for the environment. Thanks to our expertise and ethical values, you can treat yourself to sports equipment that lives up to your ambitions.

Sportswear to suit all body shapes

Choosing the right clothing is essential if you want to practise your sport in the best possible conditions. Athletes need to wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that allows great freedom of movement. Our fitness tank tops are designed to fit all body shapes, for both men and women.

Our products combine lightness and strength thanks to a high-quality technical fabric. With materials specially chosen for their ability to wick away perspiration easily, you'll stay dry even during the most intense efforts. What's more, our tank tops are anti-bacterial to prevent unpleasant odours and ensure impeccable hygiene.

A range of sizes to suit all sportsmen and women

We offer a wide range of sizes so that every athlete can find the size that's right for them. From XS to XXL, choose the ideal tank top for your sport!

Customise your tank top with our sublimation workshop

Turn a simple fitness tank top into a unique garment by customising it with your own colours, whether you represent a sports club, a team or simply want to show off your own style. Thanks to our sublimation workshop located in Europe, we can print your designs directly onto the fabric, with no risk of peeling.

A professional, long-lasting finish

With our sublimation technique, the colours are vibrant and resistant even after several washes. No matter how complex the design, our machines guarantee impeccable results that meet the demands of professional sportsmen and women.

Endless possibilities for a unique design

Your creativity is our only limit! Our graphic designers will work with you to design your ideal tank top, even if you don't yet have a precise idea. And more, we do not charge any additional fees for creating your design. Design your own personalised fitness tank top today!

An eco-responsible approach at the heart of our manufacturing process

At Subli Sport, when we make our customised fitness tank tops, we take the environment into account throughout the production process. By choosing our products, you're helping to preserve our planet by opting for sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes.

Eco-designed raw materials

Our tank tops are made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester. Not only does this help to limit our carbon footprint, it also means we can offer a durable, high-quality product.

European production to reduce environmental impact

All our customised fitness tank tops are made in Europe, reducing the distances travelled by products throughout the production and distribution chain. This helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in line with our commitment to the environment.

A fair price for sports equipment accessible to all

Because we believe that only competition and challenge should have a place in sport, we have chosen to adopt a pricing policy that encourages everyone to take part. Small or large clubs, sports associations or independent teams can benefit from top-of-the-range sports equipment without sacrificing their budget.

Tapering prices according to quantities ordered

  • For clubs and associations wishing to order large quantities, we apply sliding scale prices, so you can customise a set of tank tops without breaking the bank.
  • Save on delivery costs too: you only pay for a single parcel, regardless of the number of tank tops you order.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us for a free quote tailored to your needs!

Choosing a personalised Subli Sport fitness tank top means choosing sports equipment that is perfectly designed for athletes and their training, while at the same time respecting the planet. By offering a product that looks good, performs well and is eco-responsible, we hope to help make the world of sport fairer and healthier for everyone.