Personalised fitness clothing

Looking for personalised fitness clothing for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.
Personalised fitness clothing

Reveal your sporting potential with our personalised fitness clothing!

Fitness is a great way to keep your body in shape, but do you have the right equipment? The right equipment can considerably increase your comfort and performance. At Sublisport, we create quality customised leggings and a whole range of accessories specially designed for your sporting activities. Looking for a men's or women's T-shirt that suits you? We make personalised sportswear for all sportsmen and women that reflects your identity, your desires or your club. Find out more about our products and our online shop!

A range of customised leggings, shorts, t-shirts and bras!

Because it's important to us to meet the needs of sportsmen and women, we've designed a comprehensive range of fitness clothing. Browse our catalogue to find the T-shirt, polyester jersey, shorts and customised clothing that will make all the difference in your club. Let your imagination run wild or trust our designers to make your choice and offer you unique sportswear. Would you like to order bras for your gym? Would you like to find personalised short-sleeved T-shirts for your crossfit gym? Our made-to-measure design service is available for all our equipment. Every stage in the production of our fitness clothing and accessories is subject to rigorous quality control. That's why you get top-of-the-range, long-lasting, brightly coloured clothing.

How does SUBLISPORT stand out with its fitness products for men and women?

At Sublisport, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by adopting a comprehensive eco-design approach and favouring short distribution channels. We are committed to producing high-quality personalised fitness products, while significantly reducing our environmental impact! The high-quality fabrics used to make the men's and women's sportswear available in our shop come from Italy. Each item of personalised fitness clothing is designed in Portugal and Bulgaria, in factories that respect a healthy and caring working environment. Our aim is simple: we want personalised, eco-friendly sports equipment and eco-responsible sports equipment to become a new mode of consumption. a new consumer trend. Put your trust in our quality and order your personalised sportswear from Sublisport now.

How does Sublisport personalise your fitness clothing?

The Sublisport team of designers is fully committed to your project. We're here to advise you and turn your ideas into reality. Our aim? To make your fitness equipment unique so that it perfectly reflects your your image. Every day, our team of experts brings your ideas to life by dreaming up T-shirts, long- or short-sleeved shirts and other sports products. Do you have a creative streak and want to play an active part in personalising your sportswear? Our 3D configurator and inspiring examples make it possible. Once you've found the polyester jersey best suited to your sport, all you have to do is choose the colours, patterns, designs, visuals, logos and texts of your choice. The process used by Sublisport is unique and innovative. Called sublimation, it enables your design to be printed at the heart of the fabric fibres. What's the difference with other personalisation methods? You get a comfortable personalised T-shirt that's still ultra-breathable.

Customise your fitness clothing

Why not accompany your fitness sessions with uniquely designed, quality sportswear? Because quality is our priority, we feel it's essential to offer you sportswear made from the best possible fabric. There are no limits to the design and customisation of your fitness T-shirt. We give you the opportunity to personalise your shorts or jersey for men or women from from A to Z. Tell us about your project, and in just a few steps you'll have a fully customised sportswear. Wear it during your training sessions to proudly represent your association or fitness club.