Customised mountain bike jersey

Are you looking for a personalised mountain bike jersey for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Customised mountain bike jersey: unique, durable sportswear

At Subli Sport, we specialise in the design and manufacture of high-quality personalised sportswearOur products are eco-designed. By offering our products at a fair price, our aim is to enable all clubs, associations, sporting events and ordinary sportsmen and women to design equipment that suits them, that's good for sportsmen and women and good for the planet. Let's talk about the personalised mountain bike jersey.

Why choose a personalised mountain bike jersey for your club or association?

First of all, the main advantage of a personalised mountain bike jersey is that it gives your team a truly unique image. By opting for a specific design, you can convey your colours and identity during competitions, outings with friends or other sporting events.

What's more, a customised MTB jersey offers optimum comfort for cyclists. Thanks to the use of suitable, breathable materials, these outfits allow perspiration to evaporate quickly, ensuring they dry quickly so you can make the most of every outing.

Choosing the designs and colours for your personalised jersey

One of the customisation options available is, of course, the choice of designs and colours for your jersey. Whether they are typical of your region, represent the colours of your team or simply express a shared passion, the idea is to create a garment that reflects you and makes a difference on the road.

Adding logos and sponsors

The personalised MTB jersey also offers the option of incorporating the logo of your club or association, as well as any sponsors. They'll be delighted, and you'll be able to show your support at all times.

How do you choose the fabric for a personalised MTB jersey?

Every sport has its own specific characteristics, and mountain biking is no exception. So when it comes to choosing the fabric for a mountain bike jersey, there are several criteria to take into account:

  • The strength of the fabric Mountain biking: mountain biking can be a demanding discipline that puts a lot of strain on your clothing. So it's crucial for a MTB jersey to be made from a material that is resistant to snags and tears caused by branches, falls or simply the wear and tear of regular riding.
  • Lightness A mountain bike jersey must guarantee cyclists total freedom of movement. To achieve this, choosing light, supple fabrics, while ensuring that they are hard-wearing, remains a priority.
  • Ventilation and breathability Breathability: the evacuation of perspiration is a key factor when it comes to sporting activities. The personalised MTB jersey should be made from breathable fabrics, so that cyclists stay dry and comfortable throughout their outing.

Subli Sport, a commitment to eco-responsibility

At Subli Sport, we're committed to designing sportswear with eco-design in mind. This means that all our products are manufactured with respect for the environment, including :

  • Ecological and/or recycled materials
  • Efficient manufacturing processes
  • A reduction in plastic packaging

Choosing a personalised mountain bike jersey from SubliSport means opting for ethical equipment that meets your requirements and those of sustainable development.

Other customisable mountain bike accessories

But why settle for just a personalised mountain bike jersey? Why not complete your outfit with other matching accessories? From gloves to socks, helmets and even back protectors, the possibilities are endless, offering a coherent, all-encompassing personalisation of your sports equipment.

So don't wait any longer to discover our range of mountain bike sportswear, and give your imagination free rein by designing customised jerseys to meet your needs and those of your athletes!