Custom Esport Accessories

Looking for personalised e-sport accessories for your club, team or sporting event? Discover our range.

Customised e-sport accessories: boost your gaming experience

Personalised e-sport accessories have become a must-have for gamers and sports clubs. This equipment, bearing the gamers' image, allows them to express their passion while improving their performance. In this article, we'll look at the different types of personalised accessories available from Subli Sport and the benefits they bring to the competitive world of e-sports.

Custom mouse pads: performance and aesthetics at your fingertips

The mouse pad is a key element for gamers as it influences precision and responsiveness during the most intense games. A customised mouse pad gives you the chance to combine performance and style by choosing your own patterns, colours and even your favourite logo or graphics. At Subli Sport, you're guaranteed a made-to-measure product that focuses on design and build quality.. What's more, our mouse pads are eco-designed, which means they have a minimal impact on the environment.

The benefits of personalised mouse pads

  • Improving performance : a quality mouse pad ensures greater responsiveness and precision of movement, which are essential for top-level competitions
  • Customisation : choice of motifs, colours and logos for a unique result that reflects the image of each player or club
  • Comfort : the mats are made from materials designed to provide a pleasant playing experience over time
  • Eco-responsibility : Made in Europe, personalised carpets are produced using eco-design techniques to minimise their environmental impact.

Customised gamer sleeves: comfort and style for e-sport professionals

For avid gamers who spend hours in front of their screens, comfort is paramount. Customised gamer cuffs are therefore an ideal accessory for enhancing the gaming experience. Not only do they allow you to personalise your gamer look, they also increase comfort during long gaming sessions.

Find the right gamer sleeves for your needs

At Sublif Sport, you can choose from a range of cuff models to suit the different body shapes and specific needs of each player. You can also personalise your cuffs with your own designs and logos. European manufacturing quality guarantees a durable product that respects the environment.

Subli Sport: customised equipment for e-sports

Founded on the idea that every club, association or sporting event should be able to design equipment that reflects their image, Subli Sport offers a whole range of customised clothing and accessories for e-sports. All the designs are made in Europe in an eco-designed process to minimise the impact on the planet. Quality, design and a fair price are at the heart of Subli Sport's concerns.

Why opt for personalised e-sport accessories from Subli Sport?

  • Quality : all products are carefully manufactured in Europe to the highest quality standards
  • Eco-responsibility : eco-design manufacturing helps to limit the environmental impact of products
  • Customisation : each player or club can create equipment that suits them thanks to the range of possibilities offered by Subli Sport (patterns, logos, colours)
  • Price is right : Subli Sport's commitment is to offer customised products at an affordable price for all sports facilities.

When you choose personalised e-sport accessories from Subli Sport, you can be sure of a unique, high-quality product that will set you apart in your competitions. Whether you want to enhance your gaming experience or express your passion for e-sports, this equipment is designed to accompany you on all your virtual adventures.