Personalised e-sport polo shirt

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Personalised e-sport polo shirt: the perfect outfit for your team

E-sports are becoming increasingly popular around the world. To create a strong brand image and show that they belong to a team, players and clubs choose outfits in their team colours. Personalised e-sport polo shirts are one of the most popular items of clothing among e-sports fans.

Subli Sport: a specialist in high-quality personalised e-sport polo shirts

At Subli SportWe are experts in the design and manufacture of customised sportswear using eco-design. We offer equipment made in Europe, designed for small and large clubs, associations and sporting events. Our commitment is to the quality of our products and the right price, so that everyone can design outfits that are representative of their teams and respectful of the environment.

Our quality commitments

For Subli Sport, it's essential to offer our customers top-quality products. Customised e-sport polo shirts must meet certain technical requirements to ensure something comfortable and durable. We use tough, comfortable materials such as polyester and cotton. These offer excellent protection against wear and tear and are suitable for intensive use. What's more, our manufacturing process guarantees a professional visual finish for the printing of motifs, logos and other personalisation elements.

Our commitment to the planet

As part of its ongoing commitment to eco-responsibility, Subli Sport attaches crucial importance to the eco-design of its products. This involves selecting materials from responsible sources, as well as implementing environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes. So you can be sure that by equipping yourself with our personalised e-sports polo shirts, you're also helping to preserve our planet.

Customise your e-sport polo to suit your taste

At Subli Sport, we're committed to meeting the most varied of customisation requirements. Our design options range from a choice of colours and patterns to logos and text to reflect the identity of your team or club. We also offer a range of polo shirt cuts to suit different body shapes.

Choose from several design options

The choice of colours and patterns can give your team a real identity. Express yourself freely with our selection of colours and graphic options. You can opt for bold or sober designs, depending on your preferences and the visual codes of your sporting field.

Add logo and text to your e-sport polo shirt

Adding a logo or text to your personalised e-sport polo shirt reinforces the feeling of belonging to a team. Subli Sport gives you the opportunity to incorporate these elements directly into the design of the garment, ensuring that the result is optimal and durable.

The comfort of a personalised e-sport polo shirt

When it comes to e-sports, comfort is paramount to good performance. The choice of materials is therefore essential and plays a major part in the player's well-being:

  • Polyester : This lightweight, breathable fabric efficiently wicks away perspiration while remaining soft to the touch.
  • Cotton : Renowned for its comfort, cotton provides excellent thermal insulation and prevents skin irritation.

By opting for a personalised e-sport polo shirt from Subli Sport, you're choosing comfort and performance for your team.

Cuts to suit all body shapes

Subli Sport offers a range of cuts for its personalised e-sport polo shirts, to best suit the different morphologies of sportsmen and women. Whether you're looking for a slim fit or something a little looser, Subli Sport has a wide range of polo shirts to suit every player.

Order your personalised e-sport polo shirts now

Whatever your project, whether it's a small local club or a large competitive team, Subli Sport is committed to providing you with quality, eco-friendly custom e-sports polo shirts. Get in touch with our team today to take advantage of our advice and start designing your outfit.