Personalised cycling jacket

Are you looking for a personalised cycling jacket for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Personalised cycling jacket: opt for quality and eco-design

At Subli Sport, our passion for cycling drives us to create high-quality, customised equipment tailored to your needs. From design to manufacture, our clothing is eco-designed to respect the environment while offering optimum performance.

Personalised cycling jacket ranges

Our different ranges of customisable cycling jackets are designed to meet all your needs, whether you're a small club, an association or a company. We offer a variety of models, such as :

  • Cycling jerseys : combining elegance and performance, ideal for cool-weather outings;
  • Long and mid-length shorts : to keep you comfortable and your muscles warm over long distances;
  • Windproof and thermal waistcoats: essential accessories for coping with bad weather and regulating body temperature;
  • Light, waterproof jackets: to protect you from the rain and wind without weighing down your outfit.

Each of our garments is made from quality materials, guaranteeing strength, durability and comfort on the road.

Eco-design at the heart of our approach

Aware of the importance of preserving our planet, at Subli Sport we adopt an eco-responsible approach to the design and manufacture of our clothing. The materials we use are selected for their low environmental impact:

  • Recycled fabrics : from recycling plastic bottles to reduce waste;
  • Polyester from renewable resources : produced from plastic bottles;
  • Ecological dyes : environmentally-friendly and certified to the strictest standards.

In addition, we favour local and European production methods to limit our carbon footprint and guarantee optimum quality.

Get creative with your personalised cycling jacket

Our customisation service allows you to create cycling equipment that reflects the image of your club, association or company, while respecting your environmental values. You can choose :

  • Colours : Opt for harmonious colours that reflect the spirit of your team;
  • The design : add original and distinctive motifs or logos;
  • Size and fit: Choose from a wide range of models to suit all body shapes;
  • Customisation options : inscriptions, sponsors or other graphic elements to show your support and commitment.

Thanks to our online tool, you can create the personalised cycling jacket of your dreams in just a few clicks, before entrusting us with its environmentally-friendly manufacture.

Fair prices for ecologically responsible clothing

At Subli Sport, we're committed to making eco-design accessible to all budgets. That's why we're committed to offering our customised cycling jackets at a fair and competitive price. Our prices take into account :

  • Quality: durable, high-performance materials;
  • Innovation : constant research into new, environmentally-friendly processes;
  • Know-how : local and European expertise in the manufacture of cycling jackets;
  • Customer service : personalised assistance throughout the design and manufacturing process.

By choosing Subli Sport, you're opting for quality equipment that's environmentally friendly and tailored to your needs. Become an agent of change by opting for an eco-responsible personalised cycling jacket and show your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle on the roads.