Personalised cycling cap

Are you looking for personalised cycling caps for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Personalised cycling caps: a must-have accessory for cycling enthusiasts

Subli Sport specialises in creating eco-designed custom cycling caps, offering a wide range of designs, colours and customisation options for cycling enthusiasts. These lightweight, breathable caps provide comfort and protection while supporting a sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach.

Subli Sport: expertise in eco-designed sports equipment

At Subli Sport, we use our expertise to design and manufacture personalised sportswear and accessories in Europe. Our commitment includes an eco-design approach, so that we can offer environmentally-friendly products of impeccable quality at a fair price.

So whether you're part of a small or large club, an association, a sports team or you're organising a sporting event, at Subli Sport you'll find equipment that's just like you and that benefits both your sporting moments and the Earth.

A multitude of ways to personalise your cycling cap

When it comes to choosing a personalised cycling capThere are plenty of options for bike enthusiasts looking for style and originality, as well as performance on the road:

  • Designs to suit everyone's taste, from classic to modern;
  • Wide choice of colours to match the colours of your cycling outfit;
  • Customising the text with different printing and embroidery techniques to add your name, club logo or inspirational message.

It's essential to choose the quality of your personalised cycling cap with care, as it will contribute to your comfort during exercise and protect your eyes from the sun's rays, rain and sweat.

The material: lightness and performance

When designing your custom cycling cap, choose a lightweight, breathable material that wicks moisture quickly. At Subli Sport, we use innovative technologies and adapted fabrics that guarantee both performance and durability.

Effective sun protection and support for thermoregulation

As well as its aesthetic appeal and distinctive character, the cycling cap offers a very practical function in terms of sun protection and temperature management. In fact :

  • It protects the head and eyes from the undesirable effects of the sun's rays;
  • It plays an active role in maintaining an optimum temperature, thanks in particular to its breathable properties, which help dissipate excess body heat;
  • It helps wick away perspiration, keeping you dry despite the intensity of your sporting effort.

Adjustable waist for optimum comfort

Don't forget that size also plays a key role in the choice of your personalised cycling cap. Opt for a model with an adjustable size to ensure optimum support and comfort during exercise.

The benefits of eco-design for Subli Sport cycling caps

Eco-design is at the heart of our approach at Subli Sport. In particular, this means :

  • The use of ecological and recycled raw materials, limiting the environmental impact;
  • Innovative manufacturing processes to minimise waste and pollutant emissions;
  • The establishment of partnerships with local and European companies to promote short distribution channels and the quality of the end product.

By opting for a personalised eco-designed cycling cap, you're choosing an accessory that's as eco-friendly as it is stylish and effective.

A long-term commitment

At Subli Sport, we're convinced that the sportswear sector can make a lasting contribution to the well-being of our planet, while striving for the performance, quality and aesthetic appeal our customers are looking for. Choosing a personalised, eco-designed cycling cap made in Europe means supporting this commitment and actively contributing to building a better future.