Customised cycling accessories

Looking for personalised cycling accessories for your club, team or sporting event? Discover our range.

Personalise your cycling experience with quality accessories

Cycling is an exciting sport that attracts thousands of enthusiasts around the world. For cycling enthusiasts, it's essential to have the right, comfortable equipment to make the most of their outings on two wheels. At Subli Sport, we understand this need and offer you a wide range of customised cycling accessories made in Europe, respecting eco-design principles and offering excellent value for money.

Personalised cycling cap: a well-protected head

The cycling cap is an essential part of any cyclist's wardrobe. Not only does it provide protection from the elements (sun, rain), it also shows your personality and your membership of a club or team. Subli Sport offers you the chance to create your own cycling cap, entirely customised to your wishes and needs.

  • Lightweight, breathable fabric: ideal for long outings in the sun. The fabric's thermoregulating properties optimise perspiration regulation;
  • Sun protection: prevents heatstroke and sunstroke on particularly sunny days;
  • Wide range of colours and patterns: choose from our selection of designs to create the cycling cap that suits you best;
  • Customisation option: add your logo, team name, inscription or any other graphic element you want to appear on your cap.

Customised cycling gloves: comfort at your fingertips

For cycling enthusiasts, it's essential to protect your hands from friction, vibration and outside temperatures. Subli Sport offers comfortable, functional cycling gloves that will make all the difference when you're out cycling:

  • Made from breathable, hard-wearing materials: our cycling gloves are made from innovative fabrics offering excellent moisture wicking and durability;
  • Reinforced, non-slip palm: gives you better control of your handlebars while reducing friction and blisters;
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  • Adjustable Velcro fastener: guarantees optimum support without over-tightening.
  • Unique, personalised design: choose from our range of available colours and patterns to give your cycling look the finishing touch.
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    How can I customise my cycling gloves?

    It's easy to order customised cycling gloves from Subli Sport. All you have to do is select the size, colour and design you want, then add your logos, lettering or other graphics. We'll take care of the rest, and quickly deliver quality gloves in the image of your team or your passion.

Customised bike bottle: hydrate yourself in style

Hydration is a crucial element when you're out cycling, and what better way to assert your cycling identity than with a personalised water bottle? Subli Sport offers you :

  • Several sizes available: choose the capacity and shape that best suit your needs;
  • Antibacterial treatment: guarantees perfect hygiene even after repeated use;
  • Quick open/close system: ideal for express refuelling in the middle of a race;
  • Digital sublimation: proudly display the colours of your club, team or event on your cycling bottle.

Customised cycling sleeves: ride without restraint

Cyclists can rely on Subli Sport's cycling sleeves to help them adapt to changing temperatures and stay comfortable throughout their journey. Their elastic, breathable fabric offers great freedom of movement, while their meticulous design guarantees optimum protection against wind and cold.

The advantages of personalised cycling cuffs:

  • Perfect fit: thanks to their ergonomic cut and stretch fabric, they follow the shape of the arm for a secure, comfortable fit;
  • Eco-responsible design: thanks to the materials and technologies we use, our cuffs help to protect the environment;
  • Made-to-measure customisation: use our customisation service to create unique cuffs that reflect your image or that of your team.

All in all, at Subli Sport, you can be sure of getting high-quality, customised cycling accessories at the best prices. Feel free to browse our catalogue and contact us for any further information.