Personalised cycling shorts

Looking for personalised cycling shorts for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Subli Sport: The best option for your custom cycling shorts

When it comes to cycling clothing, cycling shorts are an essential part of a cyclist's comfort and performance. At Subli Sport, we understand this and offer you the chance to customise your cycling shorts with original and creative designs, while guaranteeing superior quality and a commitment to the environment.

The advantages of personalised cycling shorts

A personalised cycling shorts offers many advantages to cyclists, whether they are part of a club, a team or taking part in a sporting event. These include

  • It reinforces team spirit thanks to a common design that is recognisable to all members;
  • It offers optimum comfort thanks to quality materials, a snug fit and a specially adapted seat insert;
  • It improves cyclists' visibility on the road thanks to its bright colours and attractive patterns;
  • It helps to convey a positive image of the team or association to partners, sponsors and spectators;
  • It allows cyclists to feel unique and valued thanks to original cycling shorts personalised to their tastes or what they want.

Subli Sport's eco-responsible approach

At Subli Sport, we're aware of environmental issues and we make it a point of honour to design and manufacture our personalised sportswear in an eco-responsible way. That's why we use environmentally-friendly for the production of our cycling shorts, guaranteeing optimum quality while limiting our impact on the planet.

What's more, our responsible approach doesn't stop there: we offer our products at a fair price so that every club, association, team or sporting event can benefit from our expertise. Our objective is clear: to give everyone access to equipment designed in their image, good for their sportsmen and women and good for the environment.

Create your own personalised cycling shorts with Subli Sport

To help you customise your cycling shorts, we provide a online design toolIt's simple and intuitive, making the customisation process a breeze:

  1. Select the bib shorts that best suit your needs (material, fit, chamois);
  2. Choose the colours, patterns, logo and text you want to appear on your shorts;
  3. Confirm the design and confirm your order to receive your personalised shorts at home or at your event.

A customer service dedicated to your satisfaction

To ensure the best possible user experience and a final result that perfectly matches your expectations, our team listens to your needs and answers all your questions throughout the creation and customisation process. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like a personalised quote for your project.

Find inspiration for personalising your cycling shorts

To help you create the personalised cycling shorts that will perfectly match your image, we invite you to discover our collection of inspiring designs based on the following themes cycling. Created by our team of professional designers, these models will give you original and daring ideas to make your own waders unique.

Experience Subli Sport and opt for personalised cycling shorts designed with passion, expertise and a commitment to eco-responsibility.