Personalised cross-fit bra

Are you looking for customised cross-fit bras for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Personalised crossfit bra: essential equipment for committed athletes

Le crossfit is a fast-growing sport that requires customised equipment to optimise performance and comfort. At Subli Sport, we have developed a range of made-to-measure, responsible bras to meet the needs of clubs, associations, teams and sporting events.

Crossfit bras for performance

Our bras have been designed to give athletes optimum support during their crossfit sessions. The materials used are breathable and anti-perspirant, allowing good regulation of body temperature while ensuring freedom of movement. Our expertise in eco-design ensures that our products last a long time and withstand the stresses of crossfit.

This quality is also reflected in the technical details of our bras: reinforced seams, no irritation thanks to the use of hypoallergenic fabrics, and a wide selection of sizes to fit every body shape perfectly.

How do I choose the right crossfit bra?

  • Maintenance : Opt for a bra with a good level of support, particularly for high-impact exercises.
  • Breathability : Choose fabrics that promote air circulation and wick away perspiration.
  • Comfort : check that the bra does not cause irritation, particularly at the seams and in areas of friction caused by movement.
  • Size : choose a size suited to your body shape to ensure a good fit without squeezing or compressing the bust too much.

Sublisport: customisation at the heart of our offering

We offer a customisation service that allows each team or club to create unique bras that reflect their identity. This customisation can include the addition of logos, sponsors and text, as well as the choice of colours and patterns. Our creative team is on hand to support you in this process and offer advice on the design and placement of the various elements according to your wishes.

A simplified design tool

To make your experience easier, we've developed a real-time preview tool on our website, so you can instantly see the changes made to your personalised crossfit bra. You can also call on one of our professional graphic designers for expert advice on the design.

Responsible manufacturing and fair prices

At Subli Sport, we know that it's vital to combine performance and eco-responsibility. That's why our crossfit bras are designed according to eco-design principles, combining quality and respect for the environment. Our materials are selected for their durability and ecological properties.

Our bras are made entirely in Europe, guaranteeing traceability and exemplary quality. By offering a complete range in our catalogue, we give everyone - small or large clubs, associations or teams - access to personalised sports equipment that's good for sportspeople and good for the planet. What's more, our fair prices, adapted to every budget, make it easier to access this high-performance, responsible equipment.

Why choose Sublisport for your personalised crossfit bras?

▶ Unique expertise: Our experience in creating sportswear means we can offer you a quality product with particular attention paid to technical and aesthetic details.

▶ Customer satisfaction: our customers testify to the quality of our services via our website and regularly recommend our offers to their partners.

▶ A commitment to the environment: Our eco-responsible approach means designing products that are sustainable and respectful of the environment, while at the same time benefiting athletes.

▶ Personalised service: We're here to listen to your needs and support you throughout the creation process to guarantee total satisfaction.

All in all, Sublisport customised crossfit bras are the perfect combination of performance, comfort and environmental responsibility. By using our services, you can be sure of getting a quality product that meets your expectations while supporting a responsible approach to sport.