Customised cross training shorts

Are you looking for personalised cross-training shorts for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Boost your training with personalised crossfit shorts

At Subli Sport, we design and manufacture high-quality personalised sportswear in Europe using eco-design, and we are committed to offering it at a fair price. So that everyone, whether a small or large club, association, team or sporting event, can design equipment that reflects their image, is good for their athletes and good for the planet.

The benefits of personalised cross-fit shorts for your workouts

Le crossfit Crossfit is a highly demanding discipline that requires appropriate, hard-wearing clothing. A good pair of customised crossfit shorts should offer a number of advantages:

  • Comfort ergonomic cut for optimum freedom of movement during training sessions".
  • Resistance Solid material for crossfit events (deadlifts, squats, lunges, etc.)".
  • Customisation adapt the design of your shorts to the colours and logos of your club, team or association".
Thanks to the shorts designed by Subli Sport, you benefit from both superior quality thanks to eco-design and a wide choice in terms of customisation. Our experts are on hand to support you throughout the creation of your personalised crossfit shorts for optimum performance.

Eco-design and European manufacturing: an eco-responsible approach

Our commitment to the environment is reflected in every one of our products, particularly our personalised cross-fit shorts. By choosing a pair of Subli Sport shorts, you're actively helping to protect our planet. With environmentally conscious European manufacturing, we make it a point of honour to use recycled or sustainably sourced materials for our garments. In this way, we help to reduce our carbon footprint by limiting long-distance transport and unethical working conditions. What's more, our design takes care to minimise waste during the production process.

Diversify your outfit with our complete range

Although personalised crossfit shorts are essential, why not match them with the rest of your sports equipment? At Subli Sport, our catalogue doesn't stop at shorts; we also design a whole range of clothing to suit your needs:

  • Tank tops for more lightness during your intense WODs".
  • T-shirts for style and functionality whatever your sport".
  • Long sleeves to keep warm during outdoor training in cold weather".
  • Oversized T-shirts for a relaxed style ideal for stretching or yoga sessions".

The possibilities are endless, so you can put together a complete outfit that reflects the image of your club, team or association, while respecting the environment.

Call on our experts to harmonise your equipment

Our professionals will guide you in personalising the different elements of your crossfit outfit. They'll take care to harmonise colours, patterns and logos for a coherent, aesthetic result.

Sporting events: highlights to celebrate with personalised equipment

Of course, we're not just talking about clubs, teams or associations when we talk about personalised crossfit shorts. Competitions and other sporting events are also excellent opportunities to proudly wear the right clothing that reflects your organisation's values.

By offering your participants well-groomed, eco-responsible outfits, you make an instant impression and contribute to the success of your event. Don't hesitate to put your trust in our expertise and consult us to design a customised outfit that will be appreciated both for its comfort and for its meaningful message.