Personalised sports jacket

Looking for a personalised sports jacket for your club, team, company or association? Discover our range.

Design and wear your own personalised sports jacket with Subli Sport

The benefits of a personalised sports jacket

When it comes to uniforms or outfits for a club, association or sports team, the jacket is often considered an essential item. Here are some of the advantages of choosing a personalised sports jacket:

  • Solidarity and team spirit: Displaying the same colours and wearing the same logo on your jacket strengthens cohesion within the group and helps create a sense of belonging.
  • Quick identification : A customised jacket makes it easier for spectators to identify you, as well as staff members and other competition participants.
  • Professionalism : The image conveyed by a team dressed uniformly and neatly shows a certain seriousness and commitment to its sport or club.
  • Promotion: Your personalised sports jacket also acts as an advertising showcase for your sponsors.

Main types of personalised sports jacket at Subli Sport

At Subli Sport, we offer a range of customisable sports jackets to meet the needs and expectations of every customer:

Coach jackets

Ideal for coaches and staff, our coach jackets are made from lightweight, hard-wearing materials. Their ergonomic cut offers great freedom of movement to ensure your comfort when coaching teams or organising sports training courses.

Windproof jackets

A windproof jacket is a wise choice for outdoor activities, as it can withstand all types of weather. We offer several model options, including those with hoods for maximum protection against the cold and rain.

Track jackets

There's no better way to combine style and comfort when warming up than with a tracksuit jacket. At Subli Sport, our jackets are designed to regulate body temperature and optimise sports performance while maintaining excellent breathability.

The stages in creating a personalised sports jacket at Subli Sport

There are several simple steps to personalising your favourite sports jacket:

  1. Choose the model : Select the type of jacket you want to customise to suit your sporting and styling needs.
  2. Define the specifications : Subli Sport has a wide range of colours to suit every taste. Combine the colours in your own way to create a unique design.
  3. Add logos, text or motifs: You can provide us with the emblem, motto or player names you want to appear on your jacket. If you need help with this visual, our team is available to design a logo in keeping with the spirit of your club.
  4. Validate the design: Once you're happy with the final result, we'll make your personalised sports jacket.

Subli Sport's commitment to eco-design

Subli Sport also stands out for its commitment to the environment. Our personalised sports jackets are produced using a printing method that respects the planet. The fabrics we use are made from recycled polyester to minimise the ecological impact of our choice of raw materials.

Subli Sport is also committed to offering its products at a fair price, enabling both small and large organisations to benefit from good quality sportswear while preserving their budget. When you choose Subli Sport to design your personalised sports jacket, you are choosing a responsible company that combines performance and respect for the environment in each of its products.