Custom snapback cap

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The world of personalised snapback caps

In the world of sport, fashion and personalisation go hand in hand. Sports clubs, associations and events are all looking to stand out from the crowd by creating unique and stylish equipment. One of these must-haves is the personalised snapback cap. At Subli Sport, we're proud to design and manufacture eco-responsible sportswear for clubs large and small. In this article, find out more about our approach to creating high-quality, eco-friendly custom snapback caps at a fair price.

What is a snapback cap?

The snapback cap is a type of cap with a flat peak that originated in the United States. It gets its name from its adjustable back fastening, made up of two "snappable" plastic strips, so that you can adjust the size of the cap to suit your preferences. Popular with fans of sports such as skateboarding, basketball and hip-hop, the snapback cap has been an iconic fashion accessory since the 1990s.

The main features of a snapback cap

  • Flat visor : Typical of snapback caps, it offers an ideal surface for customising with a logo or motif.
  • Adjustable fastening : the two perpendicular plastic bands make it easy to adjust the size of the cap for optimum comfort and support.
  • Iconic design : Snapback caps are often associated with bright, contrasting colours and a wide variety of patterns and logos.

Customisation and embroidery: make your snapback cap unique

We understand that every club, association or sporting event wants to stand out, which is why we offer the opportunity to personalise every aspect of a snapback cap. Thanks to our expertise in the field of embroidery, we are able to produce meticulous, detailed designs that will faithfully reflect your organisation's image and values.

Type of logo on a personalised snapback cap

  1. Front : is the classic position for a logo, perfectly illustrating the identity of your team or association.
  2. Side or rear : opt for a subtle and original placement of a second logo, highlighting a partnership or a complementary idea.
  3. On the visor : use this space to highlight a specific graphic element.

European manufacturing: quality, ecology and responsible labour

Designing and manufacturing a high-quality snapback cap is our priority at Subli Sport. By choosing European production, we guarantee a product whose quality complies with European Union standards and regulations. What's more, it reduces our ecological footprint by minimising transport from our factories.

Eco-design: an environmentally-friendly approach

Subli Sport manufactures custom snapback caps responsibly. We use eco-friendly materials and work in compliance with environmental standards to ensure minimal impact on our planet. For example, we carefully select the fabrics, dyes and other components used in the design of our products.

A fair price for everyone: accessible to both small clubs and major sporting events

We believe that quality, ethical and responsible equipment should be accessible to everyone, whatever their budget. That's why we offer our customised snapback caps at a fair and competitive price. Our aim is for every club, association or sporting event to be able to express its visual identity while choosing a product that is good for the environment and of the highest quality.

The advantages of choosing Subli Sport

  • Quality : personalised snapback caps made to exacting standards, using tough, durable materials.
  • Customisation : a team that listens to you and can guide you in the creation of a unique design that is true to your wishes.
  • Ethics : local European production with a responsible approach, both in environmental and human terms.
  • Attractive price : a product that's affordable whatever your budget, while maintaining the quality standards for which we're renowned.