Customised basketball jacket

Looking for a personalised basketball jacket for your club, team or association? Discover our ranges.

Personalised Basketball Jacket: More than just a garment, a symbol of belonging

In the competitive arena of basketball, where every second and every point counts, a team's identity and unity can be transcended by their attire. A customised basketball jacket is not just a symbol of belonging; it's a statement of the team's spirit and ambitions. Subli Sport is dedicated to turning this vision into reality, offering customised basketball jackets designed with meticulous attention to quality and eco-design.

Choosing a personalised basketball jacket: The importance of quality

Basketball jackets are an essential part of a team's equipment, worn during warm-ups, matches and events. It is crucial to select jackets that guarantee comfort, durability and adaptability to the needs of each player. At Subli Sport, we take this commitment seriously, ensuring that every jacket.., made in EuropeIt undergoes rigorous quality controls and is made from environmentally-friendly materials to protect our environment.

Performance materials for jackets

Our customised basketball jackets are made from advanced fabrics chosen for their ability to enhance performance on the court:

  • Recycled polyester A durable, lightweight material, perfect for the dynamic game of basketball.
  • Microfibre Breathable fabric for efficient moisture wicking, essential during intense matches.
  • Softshell Ideal for outdoor conditions, offering protection against wind and water while remaining lightweight.

These fabrics are not only functional but also ideal for customisation, allowing each team to create a unique jacket that reflects its identity.

Customise: Create the Basketball Jacket That Looks Just Like You

Customisation is an art in which every detail is important. Subli Sport offers a multitude of options for designing a jacket that embodies the spirit of your team:

Colours and patterns to suit you

Choose from a wide range of colours and incorporate unique designs to make your jacket stand out. Our advanced dyeing technology and expertise guarantee faithful reproduction of your specific colours and the possibility of adding original designs to your jacket.

Custom logos and texts

A team can be recognised by its emblem. We offer a range of techniques for adding your logo, from embroidery to digital printing, to suit your preferences and requirements. Adding text, whether it's the team name or inspirational messages, is also easy, making each jacket truly unique.

A Fair Price for a Jacket Accessible to All

Subli Sport is committed to offering personalised basketball jackets at a fair price. fair priceThis commitment includes research into sustainable materials and the development of innovative technologies for an ever more efficient and environmentally-friendly range. This commitment includes research into sustainable materials and the development of innovative technologies for an ever more efficient and environmentally-friendly offering.

Choose Subli Sport: Quality, customisation and a commitment to the environment

Creating a customised basketball jacket that meets your team's expectations requires a partnership with a supplier who understands your needs and shares your values. Subli Sport stands out for its personalised support, its rigorous monitoring of the design process and its clear and transparent quotation. We guide you every step of the way, from initial design to final delivery, ensuring that every aspect of your jacket meets your expectations. Our transparent process ensures that there are no surprises in terms of costs or deadlines. Trusting Subli Sport means choosing a partner dedicated to realising your visions, while benefiting from equipment that respects the environment and supports European manufacturing ethics. Choose Subli Sport and wear your colours with pride, comfort and durability.