Personalised basketball shorts

Looking for personalised basketball shorts for your club, team, company or association? Discover our ranges.

Customise your basketball shorts with Subli Sport

Personalised basketball shorts are an essential part of a team's identity and cohesion. At Subli Sport, we offer a wide range of high-quality personalised sportswear to bring out the best in your team, while protecting the environment through eco-designed processes and fair prices.

Shorts adapted to the specific needs of basketball

Basketball clothing must be adapted to the characteristics of the sport: lightness, breathability and ease of movement are the essential qualities sought by players. Basketball shorts are designed with technical materials that meet these requirements, while ensuring good resistance to wear and tear and to the deformations associated with intensive and repeated efforts.

With Subli Sport's customised basketball shorts, your team will have everything it needs to perform on the pitch: ergonomic fit, airy fabric to allow air to circulate, absorbent and breathable materials to wick away perspiration effectively and prevent chafing.

A unique design that reflects your team's image

Style is also important in a basketball outfit. By choosing customised shorts, your team can proudly display its colours and emblem, helping to reinforce its identity and cohesion. You can choose from a wide range of available designs, or opt for a completely bespoke creation to precisely define the final look you want.

Sublimation is used to transfer complex, detailed designs onto shorts, with excellent durability thanks to the permanent anchoring of the inks on the textile fibres. Whether it's your club logo, original graphics or player numbers and names, our team will support you throughout the personalisation process by advising you on the best possible options.

Eco-responsible values embedded in our products

As part of our commitment to eco-responsibility, we attach particular importance to the materials used to make our personalised basketball shorts. By using Oeko-Tex®️ certified fabrics that are free from harmful substances and respect the environment, we are helping to protect our planet and your health. What's more, our dyeing and printing processes are designed to limit their environmental impact, by drastically reducing water consumption and the use of chemicals.

Local manufacture for maximum traceability

We design and manufacture our basketball outfits in Portugal, promoting a circular economy and optimum traceability from production to delivery, to guarantee you exceptional products. This approach is also in line with our desire to preserve local jobs and support the European economy.

A new partner for your club or association

By choosing Subli Sport personalised basketball shorts, you are joining a family of clubs, associations, teams and sporting events committed to a better world, with a focus on quality, traceability and respect for the environment. Whether it's a one-off order or a long-term partnership, we'll be delighted to work with you to design your future customised outfits.

  • Dress code : Ergonomic shorts adapted to the demands of basketball
  • Customisation : Choice of colours, logos, patterns and graphics to reflect your team's image
  • Eco-responsibility : Oeko-Tex®️ certified materials and environmentally-friendly processes
  • Manufactured in Europe : Maximum traceability and support for the local economy
  • Price is right : A reasonable investment for lasting quality

Get started now with Subli Sport on the adventure of personalised basketball shorts and give your team a unique, functional and eco-responsible outfit!