Personalised neck cover

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The personalised neck warmer: an essential for all outdoor activities

At Subli Sport, we understand the importance of quality equipment when it comes to sports and outdoor activities. That's why our offer includes the design and manufacture of customised neck warmers, tailored to your needs and made with respect for the environment. In this article, we explain the many advantages of these accessories and our commitment to quality and eco-responsibility.

The main uses of the Subli Sport personalised neck warmer

Whatever your sport, a personalised neck warmer is an essential accessory to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout your outdoor activities. Here are just some of the possible uses:

  • Protection against the cold : it provides effective coverage for the neck and lower face, reducing the sensation of cold and protecting against the elements;
  • Breathing filter : Some neck warmers have built-in filters for better air filtration, which can be beneficial for breathing quality during physical activity;
  • Sweat evacuation : Worn directly on the skin, it helps wick away perspiration and maintain adequate body heat, whatever the weather;
  • Expressing your style and identity: By opting for a personalised neck warmer, you can choose the colours, designs and logos that match the image of your club, association or sporting event.

The quality of our personalised neckerchiefs, a guarantee of satisfaction

At Subli Sport, we're convinced that a quality accessory is the best guarantee of customer satisfaction. That's why all our neck warmers are :

  1. Made in Europe : Most of our production takes place in Europe, which means we can keep a close eye on product quality and ensure rapid delivery;
  2. Eco-designed : we are committed to using environmentally-friendly materials, certified by recognised labels, and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes;
  3. Offered at a fair price: Our pricing policy aims to offer quality products that are affordable and durable, for as many people as possible;
  4. Tailored to your needs: Our neck warmers are designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of each type of sport.

The skills of our teams for a flawless personalised neck warmer

To guarantee the quality of our products, we have assembled a team of passionate and skilled experts who work hand in hand to design and manufacture neck warmers that meet your expectations. Our staff are responsible for

  • From model development to design creation;
  • The choice of materials and colours;
  • Customisation to suit your needs and requirements;
  • Quality tests during all stages of production.

Subli Sport, an ecological and sustainable commitment

As a sportswear manufacturer, our responsibility is not just to offer comfortable, durable products. We are also aware of our social and environmental role. That's why :

  • We promote short production circuits: By producing the majority of our products in Europe, we limit transport and the associated greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Our materials are recyclable or biodegradable: When choosing raw materials, we opt for options whose end-of-life can be better managed and less polluting;
  • Our manufacturing processes avoid the use of harmful substances: The sublimation printing used for our neckerchiefs avoids the use of glues and other chemicals that are harmful to health;
  • Our packaging is kept to a minimum: As part of our Zero Waste approach, we minimise unnecessary packaging and use recycled and/or recyclable materials.

Ordering a personalised neck warmer from Subli Sport is quick and easy

Ordering from Subli Sport couldn't be easier! Just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your product and describe your design;
  2. Send us your logos, colours and other graphic elements for your neck warmer;
  3. Validate the digital mock-up that our creative team will send you by e-mail;
  4. Receive your order of personalised neck warmers direct to your door

So don't wait any longer and treat yourself to a personalised Subli Sport neck warmer, combining quality, comfort and environmental protection!