Softshell jacket

Are you looking for a softshell jacket for your club, team or company? Find out more about our products.

Personalised softshell jacket: performance for sports enthusiasts

Customised softshell jackets are fast becoming a must-have for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. They offer an ideal compromise between protection, comfort and style. At Subli Sport, we offer a complete range of made-to-measure softshell jackets, produced using eco-design and at a fair price, to meet the specific needs of every club, association or sporting event.

Technical clothing to optimise sports performance

Softshell jackets are designed to ensure perfect thermal regulation and great comfort during various sporting activities. Softshell technology is windproof and waterproof, providing effective protection against the elements, while remaining breathable to help wick away perspiration.

Thanks to their ability to maintain a stable body temperature, they promote better blood circulation, preventing the risk of cramp and muscle injury. What's more, their water-repellent properties make them ideal for coping with the sometimes capricious weather.

A design tailored to strengthen team cohesion

Beyond the technical aspect, personalised softshell jackets also offer an undeniable aesthetic advantage for clubs and associations. They help to convey a consistent, professional image by matching the colours and logos of the various sports outfits.

At Subli Sport, you can choose from a wide range of designs and personalisation options to create a unique garment that perfectly matches the visual identity of the group or event concerned.

A strong environmental commitment at Subli Sport

Aware of current environmental issues, we have chosen to develop an eco-responsible approach to the design of our personalised softshell jackets. To do this, we mainly use recycled, environmentally-friendly materials in their manufacture.

We're proud to be able to offer high-performance, durable garments that minimise the impact on our planet, while guaranteeing exceptional quality and a meticulous finish.

European manufacturing: a more transparent and responsible production chain

All our garments are designed and manufactured in Europe, to ensure complete traceability of the production chain and to meet the strictest ethical and ecological requirements. This geographical proximity also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions linked to the transport of goods.

Softshell jackets to suit all budgets

Subli Sport makes it a point of honour to make its personalised sports equipment accessible to as many people as possible. Our softshell jackets are offered at a fair price, enabling all organisations, whatever their financial resources, to benefit from technical and eco-designed clothing.

A local service to support every project

To ensure the best possible customer experience, we offer full support in the design of personalised softshell jackets. Our specialist advisor is able to answer specific questions and expectations relating to the operation of the product, the various customisation options, as well as pricing conditions and delivery times.

The benefits of Subli Sport softshell jackets: summary

  1. Optimised performance thanks to advanced textile technology
  2. Extensive personalisation to reinforce the brand image of each group or event
  3. Strong ecological commitment with an eco-responsible approach to manufacturing
  4. European manufacture for traceability and high quality standards
  5. Fair prices to make our products accessible to all budgets
  6. Personalised support and advice throughout the ordering process

All in all, Subli Sport's personalised softshell jackets are high-performance, durable and eco-responsible, to meet the expectations of sports clubs, associations and events. They are designed to adapt to different needs in terms of thermal regulation and aesthetics, while being accessible to all budgets.