Personalised parachuting jersey

Are you looking for a personalised parachuting jersey for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Personalised parachute jersey: A great way to boost your team's identity

At Subli Sport, we design and manufacture high-quality personalised sportswear in Europe using eco-design. We're committed to offering them at a fair price so that everyone, whether a small or large club, association or team, can design equipment that suits them, that's good for their athletes and good for the planet.

The advantages of a personalised skydiving jersey

Choosing a personalised skydiving jersey offers many advantages for male and female skydivers who want to stand out at their next competition, sporting event or simply during their training sessions:

  • Creating team cohesion : Proudly display the colours of your club or team with unique and attractive designs.
  • Improved brand image A personalised skydiving jersey reinforces the sense of belonging to a team or association and helps to raise its profile at competitions.
  • Comfort and performance : At Subli Sport, we attach great importance to the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of our sportswear, guaranteeing optimum comfort and the freedom of movement that parachutists need.
  • Commitment to the planet : All our shirts are made in Europe, to strict eco-design standards and with respect for the working conditions of all those involved in their production.

How can I customise my skydiving jersey?

Don't worry, even if you're not an expert in graphic design, our Subli Sport team is here to listen to your needs and to help you create the personalised skydiving jersey perfect :

Colour and pattern selection

To start with, think about the colours that best represent your club, your team or simply your personal taste. We offer a wide range of trendy prints that you can combine to create a harmonious and eye-catching design.

Adding logos and text

You can integrate the logos of your club or association, as well as displaying sponsors on the parachuting jersey. In addition, you can choose to display the name of each skydiver, including their first name/nickname and/or specific numbering.

Validation of the model

Once your personalised shirt project has been defined, we provide you with a digital mock-up with different layouts and sizes to visualise the final result. You can then modify any elements that don't suit you.

Criteria for choosing a quality parachuting jersey

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when choosing a personalised jersey:

  • Size and fit : Choose jerseys with close-fitting cuts that allow good freedom of movement without impeding the skydivers' movements in mid-flight.
  • Lightweight, breathable fabric Choose materials that wick away perspiration, yet are strong enough to withstand the mechanical stresses of skydiving.
  • Sustainable and eco-responsible printing techniques : At Subli Sport, we use water-based inks to guarantee vivid, long-lasting colours that are not harmful to the environment or to those involved in their production.
  • Easy to maintain Check that your personalised parachute jersey can be machine-washed without fading or distorting to preserve its original appearance.

Men's and women's parachute jerseys to suit all tastes

At Subli Sport, we attach great importance to meeting the needs of both beginners and experienced practitioners of this exciting sport.

In order to offer you personalised parachuting jerseys for men, women and juniorsWe have a wide choice of models, cuts and sizes to help everyone feel comfortable when practising their sport.

So don't wait any longer and create the personalised skydiving jersey that suits you and will accompany you on your next adventure. Our teams are available to advise you and create the unique designs of your dreams.