Customised skydiving gloves

Are you looking for personalised skydiving gloves for your club, team or company? Discover our products.

Customised skydiving gloves : The ultimate ally for sportsmen and clubs

From gloves in your club's colours to logos specific to your team or event, customised skydiving gloves are an essential ally for sportspeople and sports associations. At Subli Sport, we've chosen to design and manufacture these accessories in Europe, while taking care to respect eco-design and offer a fair price.

Gloves for every athlete

So that there's something for everyone, our range of gloves is designed to suit both small and large clubs, associations or teams taking part in major sporting events. So, whatever the discipline, we can create equipment that will help users feel supported in their efforts and give their best during competitions or training sessions.

A variety of colours and designs

To facilitate this customisation, we offer a wide range of colours and designs for our gloves. Goggles, masks, balaclavas; every detail counts in the creation of these garments. All you have to do is choose the elements that best match your visual identity to make your gloves unique and instantly recognisable.

Eco-design at the heart of our approach

Aware of the environmental impact that the production and use of sportswear has, we've chosen to take an eco-friendly approach to the design of our custom parachute gloves. By opting for sustainable materials and environmentally-friendly manufacturing processes, we ensure that the end product is not only of high quality but is also kind to the planet.

Sustainable materials

With this in mind, it was essential for us to select fabrics that were both strong and eco-responsible. That's why our gloves are made from hard-wearing materials that offer comfort and performance to the sportsmen and women who wear them, while minimising their impact on our natural environment.

A fair price for all

We're convinced that quality sports equipment shouldn't just be reserved for big brands and clubs with big budgets. That's why we've chosen to offer our personalised skydiving gloves at a fair price, enabling every club or association to benefit from high-quality products without jeopardising their financial equilibrium.

Making eco-design accessible to all

One of Subli Sport's priorities is to provide all those involved in sport - from amateur clubs to professionals - with high-quality, environmentally-friendly equipment that is accessible to all budgets. We are convinced that it is possible to combine performance, design and eco-design without cutting back on quality or forcing clubs to make sacrifices.

The Subli Sport choice for your personalised skydiving gloves

By choosing Subli Sport to design your gloves, you are opting for a partner who will be able to best combine various key elements to enhance your visual identity, while at the same time being attentive to the preservation of our planet and offering an affordable price. Here are just some of the advantages we can offer you:

  • Made in Europe: By working with local partners, we are helping to support the local economy and promote eco-responsible production.
  • A wide choice of colours and designs: With our extensive range, find the style that best defines your club or association.
  • Sustainable materials: Carefully selected materials guarantee respect for both athletes and the environment.
  • A fair price: Our priority is to offer customised, environmentally-friendly equipment that is accessible to all budgets.

With this comprehensive range, there's no doubt that Subli Sport's customised skydiving gloves are destined to become a must-have for anyone looking to combine style, performance and respect for the environment. Don't delay in discovering our offers and creating the sports equipment that suits you.