Customised surf lycra

Looking for personalised surf lycra for your club or team? Discover our range.

Personalised surf lycra: sports equipment that reflects your image

Eco-design and quality at the heart of personalised lycras at Subli Sport

In the world of surfing and water sports, lycra is a key element for protecting skin from the sun and ensuring optimum comfort on the waves. If you're looking for a customised surf lycraLet us show you what Subli Sport can do for you.

Eco-design and quality at the heart of personalised lycras at Subli Sport

Subli Sport stands out in the sports sector by designing and manufacturing high-quality, eco-designed custom sportswear in Portugal. We are proud to offer products that respect the environment, while meeting the needs of our customers.

A wide range of options for personalising your surf lycra

At Subli Sport, we understand that every club, association or sporting event has specific needs in terms of sports equipment. That's why we offer a host of options for customising your surf lycra:

  • Choice of colours : From classic white to fluorescent and pastel shades, there's something for everyone! Our colour experts can advise you on how to get the colour you want.
  • Creation of logos and visuals: Our team of graphic designers can help you create or rework your logos and other visuals to adapt them perfectly to the dimensions of your surf lycra.
  • Sublimation: Thanks to our high-performance machines and innovative printing techniques, we can guarantee impeccable quality for your personalised lycras.

A wide choice of surf lycra models to suit all needs

At Subli Sport, we offer several basic models of surf lycra, available in different styles and sizes.

Short-sleeved lycras

They're ideal for summer use and competitions. They offer excellent sun protection while allowing good freedom of movement in the water.

Long-sleeved lycras

Perfect for surfing in mid-season or when the sun is still shining, long-sleeved lycras are also very popular with water sports enthusiasts looking for maximum protection against the elements.

Lycra jackets

For those who want to wear a warmer, more resistant lycra over their swimming costume or wet suit, lycra jackets are an interesting alternative to classic lycra.

How to order your personalised surf lycra from Subli Sport?

To have a personalised surf lycra made at Subli Sport, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Contact us to tell us about your needs and expectations in terms of lycra surfing. Don't hesitate to provide us with visuals or sketches so that we can better visualise your project.
  2. An estimate will be drawn up based on your choices and the number of pieces you require. It's important to have a clear idea of your budget before placing an order.
  3. Once you have approved the quote, our graphic designers will work on creating the artwork for your personalised lycra. You will of course have the opportunity to approve these designs before they are printed.
  4. We will then print and flock the lycras, taking great care to meet the deadlines announced when the order was placed.
  5. Once everything is ready, your personalised lycras will be dispatched to your address within a few days.

It couldn't be easier! Don't wait any longer to order your customised surf lycras to Subli Sport and treat yourself to sports equipment that really suits you.